What we're about

The Barefoot Running Club was established to share the fun, freedom, and health benefits of running barefoot.

Some people just like being barefoot, some believe in the closer connection to nature and the outdoors, some receive health benefits from running barefoot. Whatever your reason, the benefits are multifold. Barefoot running activates many more small muscle groups than running with shoes. It allows us to run as our hunter-gatherer ancestors did - the natural way our body was intended to run. It promotes a more natural form, giving us greater feedback with the ground. There's something to be said about feeling the earth beneath one's feet - feeling connected and grounded with nature.

I 'd like to share the fun, freedom and health of barefoot running with others... starting with one bare foot at a time. Come out and join us. Barefoot sandals/minimalist shoe wearers welcome. --- All levels welcome - tender foots and tough soles. We have meetups about once a month during summer in the area between Castle Rock and Boulder. Typically we join an organized races that run 5k, 10k, up to half marathons and that run on hard surfaces such as bike trails or streets and also trails.


Past events (130)

Westminster Trail Race

Wayne Carle Middle School

Moab trail half/full marathon

Needs a location

Muckfest fun mud run

Salisbury North

Wildcat Mountain Trail Race

Rocky Heights Middle School

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