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Thursday in Santa Cruz
Needs a date and time
Was wanting to do about 6miles in the evening. Anyone? Pogonip Henry Cowel other?

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    Run for fun - in rain or sun - on dirt, rocks, mud, grass or sand. Run with us, alone, for a cause or for yourself. Run barefoot, in flip flops, or high-tech trainers. Run in your PJs, birthday suit, or latest, greatest gear. Run at night under a full moon or under the mid-day blazing sun. Run without rules or plans. Run because you want to- not because you have to.

    Our Meet ups feature non-competitive, set-your-own-pace trail runs through county parks, often combined with group activities such as meals, coffee, sight-seeing, gear and technique demos, and more.

    We welcome runners, hikers, walkers, parkours, dogs, kids - anyone willing and able to enjoy what each event offers while respecting each other and the environment.

    We don't care what - if anything - you wear on your feet or body. Just show up and have fun. Look for upcoming meetups planned in the following Santa Clara and Santa Cruz county parks:

    Almaden Quicksilver (All entrances)

    Santa Teresa

    Henry Cowell


    Rancho San Antonio

    Steven's Creek

    Los Gatos Creek Trail

    Wilder Ranch

    and more...

    Be spontaneous! If you want to be called/emailed about runs held at the last minute, send an email with your contact info (name, phone and/or email) and the following: What areas do you want to run at the last minute? What times do you want to run at the last minute? What terrain do you want to run on at the last minute? How fast and long do you want to run? How do you want to be contacted? We will contact you when we run at the last minute and you can join us if you can.

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