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Barter 33- building and networking your business while making life more affordable for everyone!

Teaching and Creating a beginners model of the UBUNTU Community 😇

Do you know if we all took our talents, skills, products and services and used the trade and barter system .. we wouldn’t need so much money to live?

We are all blessed with unique talents and skills ... which most of the time doing them doesn’t feel like work because we ❤️ LOVE 💙 doing them!

Whether it’s ✍️ writing, typing and editing skills, 💻 computer programming and design, baking and catering, construction/home maintenance, wood crafting or jewelry making, 🎭 arts and crafts, delivery/driving or ride share services, hair styling, massage 💆🏻 therapy, Reiki healing, Tarot Card Readings , hypnosis or even growing garden vegetables 🌽 and herbs 🌿 ...we all hold some type of talent that we can share with the 🌍 world!

Whether it’s a product, skill or service... in some way it can benefit another company or individual by offering it at a partial cash cost (hence 33%) and then utilizing barter points towards other skills and services that you may need as well!
Let’s stop the vicious circle of 💴 it’s all about money 💰 and create a loving and kind service to others! Join Barter33 today !

Barter33 is a group that utilizes the UBUNTU Community Model but with a partial money exchange to cover any material/supplies costs. It is where you can give Entrepreneurship a try,
Or even use test marketing for a new product , build or create your customer base by offering barter/trade using your own services, products and talents .

Building Businesses while making Life More Affordable because you are only paying 33% of the regular retail costs which are also there to use for any expenses related to material costs. Using barter and trade - you can now find products or professional services for only 33% of the retail cost! !

No trading sex or dating..only
Professional Services.
How do I know if I can trade my services in Barter33.com ?
If you wouldn’t want your 9 year old child to see or hear it, use the service or read it... then DON'T offer it because it does NOT belong in this group!

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