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The Conscious Connection Network (CCN) is an open and dynamic community of people who come together in Basel to connect and grow on personal and spiritual levels.

We aim to create a community of consciously aware people who want to connect to themselves, to others and become part of the interconnected web that makes magic happen here in Basel.

We host and organize monthly meetings, co-created by the community, featuring guest speakers for workshops, exchanges, philosophical discussions and collective experiences.

We meet the third Monday of every month. 7pm doors open, 7.30-9.15 meeting, more socializing afterwards.

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Developing Conscious Creativity

Basel Centrepoint.

This event will help you explore your creative potential. We will begin with a group discussion around creativity and how you currently use it in your life. Together we will participate in a guided visualization and follow it with a creative brainstorming session that will culminate in a poetry writing. Participants will have an opportunity to share their creations and get a positive feedback from the fellow participants. There will also be a short poetry reading from Sam. At the end of the workshop, all participants will be invited to make a commitment to honor their creativity consciously. As a thank you for participation, there will be an opportunity to sign up for a future free individual thirty minutes life coaching session. At the end of the evening you will feel empowered to take your creativity to the next level. Program 7-7:30 pm - arrivals, apero and welcome 7:30-9 pm - program, Q&A Cost 15CHF About the Speaker Sam Allen is a British born Creative Life Coach and poet living close to Basel. She specializes in helping her clients to access and deepen their creativity, to work through blocks and to bring their dreams to fruition. Outside of work she loves jogging, blogging and sings in a local gospel choir. For more information about Sam and her work, please check out: www.samallencoachingcreatively.com

Hunker Down for Winter–Qi Gong to conserve energy and de-stress before holidays

Immerse yourself in the stillness of winter. Just because the calendar tells us the year is about to change doesn’t mean the season will. It’s time to hunker down and ease yourself into the coming year. In the lead up to Christmas there’s an overpowering tendency for everything to be stressful; challenging yourself to do this and working harder to achieve that; unnecessarily keeping your body in a state of high alert. High stress levels are the trigger for your body to suffer from being over-adrenalized, from irritable bowels and chronic fatigue, from dehydration and inflammation. Prepare for this busy season by considering doing something different- use this workshop to learn to bring: • balance • increased mobility • feeling uplifted • relaxed and centered • clarity of mind Learn to be gentle with yourself and get wise. Love your body this winter. End the year with soft and easy exercise where you don’t have to strain. Lear and practice simple movements that are effective & power-enhancing, natural, easy and enjoyable. I this workshop you will also learn how to loosen your joints and how they connect your body together; how to synchronize your breath with your movements so that everything slows down and you can find rest, respite and promote recovery. Please wear comfortable loose clothing and flat shoes. Program 7-7:30 pm - arrivals, apero and welcome 7:30-9 pm - program, Q&A Cost 15CHF About the Speaker Shirley Hiscock is a Craniosacral Therapist & Qigong teacher who helps Expats struggling with the physical or emotional symptoms of being overwhelmed to feel more at home in yourself while living in a foreign environment. Before moving to Basel and starting her current private craniosacral therapy practice in 2016, Shirley spend 6 years working as a Registered Homeopath, Craniosacral Therapist and Qigong teacher at her practice in the UK. After building a successful career helping those struggling from emotional or physical trauma Shirley expanded her client-tell to include parents to-be and new parents with their babies. Shirley helps them balance their nervous systems and enables them to manage change of becoming new parent and new life transitions. Please visit this web site if you like to learn more about Shirley's work: shirleyhiscockexpatcranio.com

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Beauty of your Humanity in Motion

Basel Centrepoint.

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