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Die "Basel .NET User Group" wurde im Oktober 2014 von Jürgen Gutsch (https://asp.net-hacker.rocks), Olivier Giss (https://codetherapist.github.io/index.html) und Thomas Keller ins Leben gerufen, da es in der näheren Umgebung keine Veranstaltung rund um Microsofts .NET und Co. gibt. Die .NET UG soll in erster Linie für alle Interessierten eine Plattform für lockere Diskussionen und für den Erfahrungsaustausch bieten. Die Teilnahme ist kostenfrei. Sicherlich ist dabei spannend zu sehen, wer in der Region noch mit .NET arbeitet. Daraus entwickeln sich möglicherweise interessante Kontakte und Kooperationen.

• Live Stream auf https://www.twitch.tv/dotnet_nwch

• Video Archive https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPvNxc877qns0XNfaYIjwIg

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Reloaded: Live Share and Visual Studio 2019

Needs a location

Unfortunately we had last time an issue with the microphone. That is why we repeat this session :) In this session we will show the collaboration feature Visual Studio Live Share - it's available in all Visual Studio IDE's across different platforms. During the presentation we will do some live coding and explore the capability of VS Live Share. We will also discuss about what's new in VS 2019 (Preview 2/3). Be aware: this session is virtual and streamed over twitch(https://www.twitch.tv/dotnet_nwch). Speaker: Jürgen Gutsch Software developer at http://yooapps.com, Blogger on https://asp.net-hacker.rocks/, .NET junkie, addicted to web and software development, clean coder, Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies. Speaker: Oli (a.k.a Code Therapist) Self-taught professional software developer. I'm passionate about helping people learn how to write clean code and good software.

Visual Studio 2019 local launch event

YooApplications AG

Join us on April 2 for the launch of Visual Studio 2019! Learn about how Visual Studio 2019 is more productive, modern, and innovative, participate in live Q&As, and be the first to take the latest version for a spin! AGENDA • 17:45 - Doors open • 18:00 - Keynote • 19:00 - Live streamed sessions with Q&A More to be announced soon! Official Links https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs2019-launch/ https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs2019-launch/local-events/

".NET everywhere - is it possible and is it awesome?" with Scott Hanselman

We would like to invite you for a Swiss Community Event organized by all the .NET User Groups in Switzerland and lead by .NET User Group Bern. IMPORTANT --- A registration is required! Please register at: https://www.meetup.com/NET-User-Group-Bern/events/259332992/ --- Abstract .NET went open source (really really open source) a few years back...but what's been made newly possible? How flexible is it? How open is it? How big can it scale and how small can it get? How do we reconcile .NET Core, .NET Framework, and Mono? Where does WebAssembly fit in? What about WinForms and WPF? Cross platform UI? Join Scott Hanselman as we tour the last 10 years and explore the next 10 years of .NET in this demo-filled session. We look forward to your participation!

High availabity ASP.NET Core Health Checks, Azure DevOps and Traffic Manager

Are you sure that your application is efficiently accessed by all your users around the globe? Achieving this goal is very important but at the same time requires special attention to the deployment phase. However, even after tailoring your application to make it more scalable, how do you measure its efficiency? The latest release of ASP.NET Core has added a new middleware that allows you to add a real-time monitoring of all the services of your application (such as SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis and many others). This service, combined with Azure DevOps and Azure Traffic Managers, enables your application be more performant and reliable, no matter where your users are located. Speaker: Emanuele Bartolesi (Twitter: @kasuken) ASP.NET Core Ninja and Unicorn Trainer Emanuele is a Developer Technologies MVP since 2014. He works as senior web developer and is passionate about Web and Azure Development. He also likes Office 365 and SharePoint from a developer point of view.

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Live Share and Visual Studio 2019

Needs a location

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