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Are you a musician or singer in the Basel or Zurich areas looking to meet others? Or maybe you used to sing or play an instrument years ago and have been thinking about starting again? Well now's the time! This group is for anyone that wants to collaborate with other musicians and singers, or just jam and share musical talents with like minded people. The idea is to bring musicians and / or singers together, be it for regular practice, musical collaborations, or even impromptu jam sessions. Whether you're starting off singing or playing a new instrument or have been singing / playing for years it can be difficult doing it by yourself. There's nothing like meeting fellow musicians and pooling ideas and skills, and the whole is practically always greater than the sum of its parts!

Another idea is to link Basel and Zurich together as they are less than an hour apart. There are lots of people that travel between both cities on a daily and weekly basis, and any meetups in Basel are open to anyone from Zurich and vice versa. So for example if you're from Basel and find yourself in Zurich of a weekend and itching to play your guitar or maybe sing with some backing musicians, then this group will make it easy to arrange a session or join any that might already be taking place.

The group is open to all skill levels from beginner upwards so don't be shy :) If you're a singer, guitarist, keyboard player, drummer, or play any other instrument and want to join up with others in the Basel or Zurich areas then sign up - you've got nothing to lose :)

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One month band challenge
Needs a date and time

Guggenheim Liestal

This one is going very well...we have half of time left and let everybody know,cause lot of good and creative things can progress from this when the chalenge is over...

I am looking for people who to make a band, latin or cuban rhythms

Hello to everyone I live in Basel and I play the guitar. I am looking for people who play the guitar on other instruments to make a band, latino or cuban rhythms, and the most important thing, to enjoy together with the music. Best regards

Irish music session in Zurich
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone who would like to start some irish music sessions in Zurich. We will meet up in some pub with regularity and play some folk music. Is there anyone interested?

Looking for a keyboard / synth player for Zurich based rock band

Hi all, My band is on the lookout for a keyboard / synth player. We are currently 2x Guitar / Bass, Vox and Drums but feel our songs would benefit from something extra. Our style is aiming to be in the direction of psychedelic rock, but taking in elements of each band members own influences to hopefully create something a little different. We are only playing original songs and have a few things together already, but nothing 100% complete yet. We meet every Wednesday and have our own band practice room in Dietikon - if time allows we occasionally meet-up at other times too. We are in no rush to get out and giging, our level is best described as enthusiastic amature - and the memebrs in our band have a variety of experience levels from 1 year to 15! We are really keen to find the person who is the right fit, not just musically but also for the personality. If you're interested please get in touch! Patrick

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Open mic and jam session Zurich

Zürcher Gemeinschaftszentren

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