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What we’re about

"Unite in Music: Basel-Zurich Musicians and Singers Network!"

Are you in Basel or Zurich with a melody in your heart or rhythm in your fingers? Whether you're a seasoned musician, a shower singer, or someone rediscovering their musical roots, it's time to join our vibrant community! This network is a haven for anyone keen to collaborate, jam, and share the joy of music with kindred spirits.

🎼 Why Join Us?
- Connect with musicians and singers for regular practice, creative collaborations, or spontaneous jam sessions.
- Perfect for every level, from beginners to veterans. You're never alone in your musical journey!
- Harness the collective genius of meeting fellow musicians - where the whole truly exceeds the sum of its parts!

🚆 Basel-Zurich Musical Bridge:
- We're linking Basel and Zurich, just an hour apart, into a single musical hub.
- Travelers and residents alike can find or organize meet-ups effortlessly in both cities. Imagine playing your guitar in Zurich or singing with a band in Basel at a moment's notice!

🌟 Open to All:
- Singers, guitarists, keyboardists, drummers, and all instrumentalists - we want you!
- A welcoming environment for all skill levels. Don't be shy, let your talent shine!
Sign up today and be part of a musical movement that transcends cities and unites hearts. Let's make music together in Basel and Zurich - a stage awaits you!"

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