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BIA Seattle Meeting
Join us for our monthly meetings at the Roy Street Cafe! We will be organizing how to spread awareness of Basic Income to the public and to our elected officials. Please bring your laptop or tablet so that we can all participate in research and organization. Newcomers are always welcome. Bring your questions: we love to talk about Basic Income! If you're not new to UBI, then please read an article about Basic Income (news, concepts, FAQ, etc.) and be ready to summarize it for the group when we meet. (Also, bring a reference to it so we can accumulate a shared list!) That way we can help each other stay current on the latest developments and effective arguments to convince the public.

Roy Street Coffee & Tea

700 Broadway E, At E Roy St · Seattle, WA

What we're about

Basic Income Action is a new national organization dedicated to winning a basic income for every American. A basic income is money provided to every adult -- enough to cover basic needs, independent of a job, with everyone getting the same amount. This concept is also known as a "Universal Basic Income" (UBI).

Imagine a world where everyone has enough money to make ends meet, as a human right. Imagine the impact on you and your family when you have basic financial security you can count on, no matter what happens at work or in the economy. What unpaid work would you do? What risks could you take?

If you are intrigued by this vision, join us at one of our Meetups! The structure of our meetings will be guided by our membership (especially at the first meeting), but will likely include educating ourselves more on how Universal Basic Income could be implemented, as well as figuring out strategies to help inform both the public and elected officials about the practical and ethical need for such a program.

Does this sound pie-in-the-sky? It's doable! The Nixon administration got a UBI bill all the way to Congress. The city of Utrecht, in the Netherlands, is conducting a UBI experiment in 2016 (and experiments were done previously in a few cities around the world, including in the US and Canada). Believe it or not, UBI actually has supporters from both the political right and left. It's an achievable goal, but we need to step up to make it happen.

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