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Short Talks and Social Night

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After the success of last year's short talks and social night ( we thought we'd squeeze in another before the summer holidays.

The format is basically the same as last time. A bunch of short 5-10 minute talks with more time to chat in between with drinks and pizza (we're open to alternative suggestions) and then head to the pub.

If you'd like to do a talk please fill in the form ( asap so I know numbers (even if you've not decided on a subject).

Talks can be about anything tech related. It could be about a project you are working on, an interesting technology, a way of working, a demo, a tutorial, pretty much anything tech or tech industry related, however tenuous the link.

If you've never given a talk before, short talks nights are a great opportunity to have a go in a friendly environment. For old hands it's a chance to try out a new talk you're working on.

Talks should be 5-10 minutes, although shorter tends to be better and leaves us with a bit of time for questions. I am not strict with timings unless you are rambling on and the pizza is getting cold ;)

Our current talks so far are...

Helen Gore - Data visualisation with PowerBI

Katja Durrani - Learning and teaching experiences with CodeHub, NodeSchool and CodeClub

A whistle-stop tour of modern JavaScript with Ben Gourley. JS has been making up for lost time in the last few years. Lots of new features have been added to the language, including classes, promises.

Building Progressive Web Apps - Dave Taylor. PWAs are being talked about a lot at the moment. Dave will be giving us an overview of what they are and how to build them.

Florence, AI & Wealth Management - David Harvey of Seccl

Code and poetry, why your metaphors matter - Paul Leader

Cassandra Complex? - Andrew Page

We are currently arranging speakers for September and October BathCamps, which should be on fintec & the future of money, and health/medicine/assistive technology. More details soon.

Code of Conduct

BathCamp has a short Code of Conduct (, the tl;dr is "Be nice or go home".


Our lovely sponsors for this month's BathCamp are the fine folks at BugSnag ( They have a team in Bath (just off the London Road) and are looking to recruit developers with a range of talents.

High Street, Bath · BA1 5AW
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