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*** Note: Matt Jukes can't make it, so Anthony Lewis is taking his place to talk about Speakr***

After all the stories of technology putting us out of work, destroying our attention spans, corrupting our kids and undermining the foundations of democracy, it's easy to forget how much good it can do :) So our positive focus for May is Community and Society and what technology can do to make them better, we have three great speakers.

Talks will begin by 7.15pm, doors will be open from 6.30. We're starting talks slightly later than usual as there will be a Bath Geek Girl Dinners event in the front room beforehand.

May's sponsors are the fantastic Rocket Makers, a Bath based agency who've been involved with our first speaker's project, along with a number of other positive community minded startups.

As always, we will provide liquid refreshments (soft-drinks, wine, beer, cider etc) and nibbles.

*** If the meetup is full, please add yourself to the waiting list anyway as we regularly have dropouts***

Miranda Khamis is the co-founder of FoodDrop (, an innovative service that connects businesses with surplus food with charities in need of it, with distribution done by volunteers. The whole thing is coordinated through their app, which lets people volunteer flexibly, track their impact, and rewards them for all their hard work. Kind of like Deliveroo, but for those in need.

Anthony Lewis will be talking about Speakr, a platform used in schools that provides a private and secure way for children to communicate with teachers and staff, and for schools to track and monitor the wellbeing of the students. Designed from the ground up for children of all ages to use, it has had a profound effect for many of the most disadvantaged children in the schools it is used in. Anthony will be talking about the child-centric design and features, and how providing a simple private communication channel in schools can help many of the children most in need of support.

Bath is a notoriously difficult city for disabled people to get around. Mark Owen of BathHacked will be talking about the technology and leg work behind their Accessible Bath project. Accessible Bath aims to map out all the accessible places in Bath and make it available online through the WheelMap project. This provides those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility essential information to help them get around more easily. It's been a tremendous success built from a mix of great technology and a lot of effort by volunteers on the ground.

**Code of Conduct**

BathCamp is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, orientation or background. BathCamp is run by volunteers, we don't charge, and we aim to make our events as accessible and welcoming as possible for both attendees and speakers. BathCamp has always strived to be a friendly and welcoming environment for all, we intend to keep it that way.

This concise Code of Conduct sets out in broad terms what is not appropriate. Anyone who behaves in a way that is not in the spirit of BathCamp will be asked to stop. If they don't they will be asked to leave. Anyone who harasses or behaves aggressively/inappropriately towards other attendees/speakers will be removed immediately.

The Rules

Be nice: We don't tolerate aggression or harassment of any form, either at BathCamp events or through the Meetup group.

Be welcoming and generous to speakers and attendees, especially new and less experienced ones.

BathCamp is about learning, there are no stupid questions at a BathCamp. We will intervene in Q&As if people are using them to buff their own egos or are putting other people down.

Keep it clean: Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate within talks, demos, workshops or Q&A sessions after talks.

If you experience or witness inappropriate behaviour at a BathCamp event, or within the Meetup group, please talk to a volunteer (mainly myself Paul Leader, or Jamie Middleton) and we will deal with the issue.