Workshop: Deep Learning with Keras

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Bath Machine Learning Meetup
Bath Machine Learning Meetup
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The Guild Coworking Hub

High Street, Bath · BA1 5AW

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The furthest entrance from the abbey, opposite TK Maxx

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Do you like the idea of waking up on a Thursday morning, looking in the bathroom mirror, smiling, and saying "I am a deep learning expert"?

Actually, you can do that whenever you like (well, as long as it's a Thursday morning). But what if you genuinely DID know enough about deep learning to back up your brave words? Are you yearning to impress your friends/family/colleagues/household pets with some cool theory and kickass code?

BathML is here to help. We're going to use Keras to build a convolutional neural network for classifying time series data.

And whenever we organise these workshops, we have to choose a language; and whichever one we choose, people get upset because we haven't chosen their favourite. So we've made a decision, and we're going to do it in R.

And Python.

At. The. Same. Time.

It's like Batman vs Superman, but if Batman and Superman were actually really great friends and also if they were both popular open source statistical programming languages. It's going to be epic. Don't miss it.


This is intended as a code-along workshop, so if you want to join in please bring along a laptop. We'll be using Keras, so choose whether to join Team R or Team Python, and then make sure you've:

* Installed Keras and made sure you can get it up and running:
- R: Follow the instructions at and check that you've installed Keras correctly with `check_keras_available()`
- Python: Follow the instructions at­ and check that you can `import keras`

* Downloaded the data we'll be using: You can either­ clone the repository, or download it as a zip file, unzip, and save it somewhere sensible on your machine!

If you are having any trouble at all with this or have any questions, please get in touch with Owen at [masked] before the workshop!


For any of our long-term attendees who might be wondering: yes, this will be the same workshop we ran at BathMLconf back in June 2018. But perhaps you'd like to come along anyway to meet some new ML friends, and to share some birthday cake - our meetup turned 3 years old last week! Thanks so much to all of you for joining us at our events - we wouldn't be much of a meetup without you.