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First Monday Discussion Night at Brew Ha-Ha
what is Polyamory? How do you do open relationships successfully? What are the challenges in a relationship style that may be at odds with social expectations? How do you date and relate with several intimate partners? Whats the vocabulary about anyway, metamours, polycules, swinging, polyamory and more! Look for the BROP sign on the table and the stuffed animal if Tom remembers it! Cost of event is just your coffe/drinks and snacks at Brew Ha-HA

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BROP is for those in and around Baton Rouge and south Louisiana who are in or interested in polyamorous and/or open relationships. We welcome people involved in all forms of ethical non-monogamy, including polyamory, polyfidelity, open relationships, relationship anarchy, swinging, play partners where all those involved engage in honest and open communication. Our goal is to have regular munches and other social events. This is not a group for cruising or finding hookups. It is, rather, a social group so that people interested in these relationship styles can get to know one another and build the resources we need to have a healthy community.

Baton Rouge Open and Polyamorous provides a social forum to discuss experiences, develop skills and create community.

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