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Baton Rouge Thai Massage is intended to bring Thai massage jam to Baton Rouge, LA. This is a sister group to Austin Thai Massage that hosts the same event in Austin, TX. The jam is an informal gathering of people interested in Thai massage, sometimes called "lazy man's yoga" to practice techniques we've learned and share information and skills with one another. It's a chance for us to get some free massages and love on one another. Don't know what Thai Massage is but curious? No problem! We'll give you the scoop and some nice bodywork to boot. Bring a yoga mat or cushion (futon cushions are perfect for Thai Massage).

You can download a *Free* Thai massage workbook here: http://robertgardnerwellness.com/

If you're looking for formal classes make sure to speak to Robert Gardner. He teaches classes locally and is usually at these events. He facilitates the events and makes sure we still have events in years to come. If you have any issues with the event, want to provide feedback or have questions please contact Robert @ 512 905 2298

Thai massage jam is extremely informal and if you're a licensed therapist you're just as welcome as anyone from the yoga, dance or acroyoga community. This is a public event to create free space to share in great Thai massage. As the group grows it's important for you to add your energy, personality and focus to what we do. Thai massage jam...is you!

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