• Why does security matter for DevOps?


    Speaker Caroline Wong is the Chief Security Strategist at Cobalt.io. This talk begins by exploring the answer to the question, why does DevOps matter? Business do what they need to do to survive and succeed. If their customers need agility, then they will evolve to accommodate that. Next, key differences between the pre-DevOps world and the post-DevOps world are discussed. Before, it was about on-premise, protecting the perimeter, and enforcing gates in the SDLC. Now, supply chain is king. Applications and APIs matter more and more. And everything is mobile. For agile companies, security is a strategic business driver. It prevents unplanned work and re-work, and security requirements are explicitly specified during the sales process as part of vendor security assessments. Additional drivers also include avoiding bad press and compliance reasons - both of which, if you look under the covers, are ultimately about getting more sales. This presentation analyzes the actual language in Bill Gates' Trustworthy Computing memo to see that in fact even Microsoft's "noble" initiative was "all about the money." That being said, what's a security professional to do? BSIMM has 113 controls, ISO27017 has 121, and CCM has 133. It's enough to make a person's brain explode. This session concludes with expert recommendations on how to think about security for DevOps in a way that aligns The Modern Application Security Framework, take a look at https://resource.cobalt.io/hubfs/The-Modern-AppSec-Framework.pdf Caroline is a dynamic cybersecurity expert with more than a decade of industry experience as a day-to-day manager at eBay and Zynga, product manager at Symantec, and managing consultant at Cigital. These days she helps connect DevOps companies who want to improve their cybersecurity posture with hackers who can help find their problems before the bad guys do. Caroline received a 2010 Women of Influence Award in the One to Watch category and authored the popular textbook Security Metrics: A Beginner’s Guide, published by McGraw-Hill in 2011. She graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. Agenda 6:30 - 7:00pm - Snacks & drinks; networking 7:00 - 8:00pm - Presentation by Caroline Wong

  • FREE Hands-On Python Workshop!

    Unitek College Fremont Campus

    Details "Learn the most popular programming language Python without tears" Many people think programming is hard and they fail to learn. In fact, programming is easy but learning how to code is hard. Let's change that. Bring your laptop and get hands-on with Amit for a fun-filled event. No boring "hello world" type programming lectures and endless theories. You will actually do things and apply the stuff you learn. Yes, that is the difference. What You'll Learn: You will learn how to work with ordered data, structured data, functions, modules and much more. Amit teaches you how to Vectorize Operations with NumPy. We'll dive into Pandas, its capabilities, and its importance in the Python data science stack. And finally, last but not least you grasp an understanding of Visualization with Matplotlib. The goal is for you to be actually writing code using real-world data from the internet. Where to Sign Up? Please sign up via our type form link provided right below https://gitacademy.typeform.com/to/ABB1hA What's Provided: We'll have Pizza, Soft Drinks, & Coffee What to Bring and Pre Reqs: Bring your laptop, and no prior programming knowledge needed. Hurry up! Seats are LIMITED. Amit has taught students who are working in Google, FB, Cisco and many amazing tech companies in the valley.

  • Ansible - Theory & Practice


    The first part of this presentation would cover the basics of Ansible and how a playbook is built to automate operational tasks. The second part would take you through a demo of playbook that performs a real-life deployment and configuration by running it as a self-service Jenkins job. Speakers - Thomas Theakanath - The Basics of Ansible, based on his widely read articles on Ansible and related technologies. - Issac Lee - Case study from a real life production engineering scenario with live demo. Agenda 6:30 - 7:00 Snacks & drinks and networking. 7:00 - 8:00 Ansible - Theory & Practice. On Ansible's role as a potent, general purpose tool in a DevOps engineer's toolkit. Mekas Cloud Service is hiring DevOps engineers, Data Engineers and Java developers at all levels. If you are interested in getting more details please contact [masked]

  • AWS Cloud Protection – 7 Step Strategy!

    Intuit cafeteria

    Details Join us for the AWS Security Meetup on NOV 8th @ 5:30 PM –7:30 PM! Intuit has been kind enough to host this meeting. The address is: 2750 Coast Avenue Mountain View CA 94043 We will have pizzas, snacks, beer and wine (Sponsored by Intuit and 2Kloud) Agenda: 5:30 - 6:00: Arrive and Network! 6:00 - 6:05: Introduction • AWS Security – Common Challenges • AWS Shared Security Responsibility Model 6:05 – 6:30: AWS Security Services Overview including • AWS Guard Duty • AWS Macie • AWS WAF 6:30 – 6:45: AWS Cloud Protection – 7 Step Strategy! 6:45 – 7:00: AWS Security - Logging and Monitoring! • AWS Services • SumoLogic Platform & Applications for AWS • Splunk Cloud & Applications for AWS 7:00 - 7:15: AWS Security – Compliance, Governance & Automation! • AWS Services • Dome 9 ARC Platform 7:15 – 7:20 AWS Security Services by - 2Kloud Security! 7:20- 7:30 Q & A , Network! Please only RSVP if you can make it.

  • AWS Lambda and Cassandra Managed Service: Power Your Scalable App

    1172 Castro St Mountain View, CA 94040

    Title: AWS - Lambda and Cassandra Managed Service: Power Your Scalable App without Managing a Single Server Abstract: Managed service and serverless architecture are very attractive solutions for new tech companies and large established enterprise for good reasons: It reduces the time to market; it abstracts away the complexity of managing servers, and lower the total cost of ownership. One of the key players in serverless architecture is AWS with its aws-lambda offering: a simple way to execute a small portion of stateless code, on demand, without the need to provision any servers. AWS lambda are often combined with AWS api gateway to provide the front end and execution layer of a REST api. Cassandra is one of the most popular solutions for back-end storage of large-scale applications. It's always on, scalable, and provides very low latency. This talk will walk you through a POC that combines AWS lambda, API Gateway, and Instaclustr Cassandra managed service, to power a simple REST api. We will cover the technical challenges, the tips learned along the way, and discuss the pros and cons of this approach. Bio:Ben is responsible for working closely with his engineering team and customers to build highly available, scalable applications.Instaclustr is the only multi-cloud, self service Cassandra as a Service (CaaS) provider in the world. Instaclustr will be sponsoring the event with drinks, food and giveaways. **Please register on Eventbrite, as the venue needs your info to allow you into the building. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/aws-lambda-and-cassandra-managed-service-power-your-scalable-app-without-managing-a-single-server-tickets-49911218799

  • AWS Community Day 2018 - Not your average meetup

    Computer History Museum

    Register for AWS CD Bay Area (https://awscdba2018.eventbrite.com/?aff=baaug) This is a not a regular two hour meetup in the evening like we always have. This is much more. This is a full day conference organized by the AWS user community. There is also an unconference with six tracks, and there are workshops. Go here to register. https://awscdba2018.eventbrite.com/?aff=baaug AWS Community Day is a free, community-organized event featuring technical discussions led by expert AWS users and community leaders from the Bay Area and throughout the West Coast. Join the AWS community to explore the latest cloud computing trends and discover practical insights & best practices on how to optimize and secure your infrastructure. Free Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks. Learn a lot. There is something interesting for everyone. Session topics: The journey to 100% in AWS. Red Team vs. Blue Team on AWS Devops for Startups Multi-account security strategy with SSO, MFA, API access, and cross-region peered networks/ accounts Serverless Image Processing The Serverless RED architecture Using DeepLens, Rekognition, and Greengrass to identify people at my front door Container Migrations Speakers: Arun Gupta Andy Palmer Teri Radichel Kolby Allen Jeremy Edberg Ben Whaley Peter Sankauskus Austen Collins Raj Meka Corey Quinn John Varghese Six Unconference tracks: Internet of Things Containers Serverless Machine Learning Big Data Cloud Architecture NOTE: You have to register at the event page (https://awscdba2018.eventbrite.com/?aff=baaug) to get the swag, the badge, the networking opportunities, and all the learning.

  • Building Serverless Apps with Go and SAM

    TIBCO Software Inc

    “Serverless” allows developers to focus on writing their code, and a cloud provider, like AWS, takes care of all the other bits. Building serverless apps means the developer doesn't have to worry about server management, scaling, or high availability, a convenience that usually comes with the added benefit of lower operational cost. We’ll be showing how to use the Project Flogo® lightweight integration engine and open source framework to deploy functions to AWS Lambda using SAM. About Speaker: Leon Stigter Leon Stigter is a developer advocate at TIBCO Software, where he creates tools and technologies to help drive the (r)evolution of digital business. He is passionate about helping developers unlock the value of technology and about shaping the developer experience and ecosystem around open source software projects at TIBCO. He has held various positions in solutions consulting, product management, and product strategy with a penchant for Cloud and APIs. He contributed to both Project Flogo and Project Mashling, technologies that enable developers to create smarter, event-driven microservices and embedded machine learning capabilities that can be deployed across cloud, edge, and hybrid environments. Leon received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Agenda: 6:00 - 6:30 Networking/Refreshments/Registration 6:30 - 6:40 Welcome by Raj (you) 6:40 - 7:30 Speaker/Live Demo/Coding Leon Stigter Tibco Software Inc. 7:30 - 8 Q & A 7:30 - Raffle

  • Rightsizing Done Right - Workload and Cost Optimization

    Description: How to size appropriately for your various workloads and environment. How to make the sizing activity part of your Deployment and DevOps pipeline to save your organization precious money and to optimize on resource utilization. Speaker Details: Abbas Yousafzai is the co-founder and CTO of YotaScale. Prior to YotaScale, Abbas was the CEO and Chief Cloud Architect at Conrad Labs, a high startup incubator with a focus on Cloud Computing. He worked with a dozen startups in cloud orchestration, big data and ML, and the security, identity and access management space, with exits to IBM and Gemalto. ​Prior to that he was part of a number of early and mid-stage startups in the early web days.​ Abbas co-founded YotaScale to bring his expertise in large scale, mission-critical, cloud infrastructure management to companies beginning to use cloud services as well as those that are well on their way. About YotaScale Who We Are - YotaScale is a pioneer in AIOps, a new breed of solution platform that Gartner is calling Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. With its machine learning-led approach to optimizing cloud infrastructure for cost and performance, the YotaScale system processes more than a billion data points per hour and delivers real-time anomaly detection, root cause analysis, remediation, and optimization recommendations that can be acted upon instantly. Some of the most sophisticated tech companies in the world trust YotaScale for their cloud operations. We provide tangible business value to our customers, catching six-figure runaway cost anomalies before they snowball and generating multi-million dollar savings in AWS spend with our ML-generated purchase recommendations.

  • Automating Bare Metal Infrastructure Provisioning

    • What we'll do 6:30-7:00 PM - Snacks, drinks and networking. 7:00-7:45 PM - Main talk by Shane Gibson 7:45-8:00 PM - Q&A Not all DevOps practitioners can work in an automation friendly, homogeneous public cloud environment. At some level you need to provision and deploy things on bare-metal, and it hasn't been known to be easy. Physical infrastructure provisioning has been manual, tedious and error prone traditionally. Digital Rebar brings in automation to that front -- it is an open, fast and simple data center provisioning and control tool designed with a cloud native architecture. Shane Gibson will be presenting it to the group. He is an Architect, Engineer, and Community Evangelist working at RackN; leaders in physical and hybrid DevOps software. His experience spans over two decades and includes Mainframe Hardware and Operations, Unix Systems, Network Engineering, Computer Security, Virtualization Technologies, Cloud Platforms, and Production Operations. He is passionate about automation, full stack infrastructure architecture, and modern computing practices as applied to Production Operations environments. • What to bring Your Questions • Important to know

  • Artifactory/DevOps @ Scale (Greek Tragedy in 3 Acts)

    TEKsystems Conference Room

    JFrog's Artifactory has been a key component in the DevOps toolchain. It helps to organize build artifacts and distribute release candidates and supporting files needed for various automation tasks across data centers. This is a follow up on the introduction to this product in an early session. Now more on the product by Baruch Sadogursky, Developer Advocate at JFrog itself. Here is the abstract of this playful talk from the speaker :-) "As in a good Greek Tragedy, scaling devops to big teams has 3 stages and usually end badly. In this play (it’s more than a talk!) we’ll present you with Pentagon Inc, and their way to scaling devops from a team of 3 engineers to a team of 100 (spoiler – it’s painful!)" 6:30-7:00PM - Refreshments and networking 7:00 - 8:00PM - Talk by Baruch Sadogursky Developer Advocate at JFrog