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The Center for Transformative Media at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco invites Bay Area creators and visionaries (artists, technologists, performers, philosophers, writers, scientists, students of cosmology and consciousness) to gather for conversation, networking, and possible collaborative projects.

We propose an intellectual, artistic, and philosophical movement called autocosmology, which situates individual human experience in the context of the evolving Earth and universe. First coined by American novelist Ursula LeGuin, the literary and artistic genre of autocosmology has been reformulated by cosmologist Brian Thomas Swimme and novelist Carolyn Cooke so that creative personalities will find the spaciousness necessary for expressing ideas and experiences that will carry us into a new and vibrant human-Earth relationship.

We are looking to make friends and colleagues working in interdisciplinary projects in technology, science, literature, filmmaking, live art, and more.

The goal: To enlarge our creative vision beyond industrial consciousness and enrich humanity through innovation and imagination. Come share what you’re working on!

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Autocosmology: A Creative Condensation

California Institute of Intergral Studies

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