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Join us in discussing the future of blockchain technologies and learn about BitShares, an open source & public domain Decentralized Autonomous Company. Popular topics of discussion include entrepreneurial pursuits in the cryptocurrency space, Austrian economics, blockchain technology, and futurism.

BitShares related topics include: • Delegated Proof of Stake as a consensus algorithm.

• How relatively stable market pegged assets like bitUSD that track the price of real commodities work.

• How decentralized exchanges harnessing the blockchain can mitigate "goxxing" and allow you to trade any asset without counterparty risk. • What is a decentralized autonomous company (DAC)? • Using DACs to create game theoretical models.

• Crowdhiring: paying workers such as developers and marketers directly through a blockchain protocol.

Past events (24)

WAX in San Francisco

Starfish Mission - Emerging Tech Coworking Space

Crypto World Expo - San Francisco

150 Hooper St

World Crypto Economic Forum (WCEF)

South San Francisco Conference Center

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