• Artificial Intelligence: Get Smarter with Good AI

    111 Independence Dr

    Co-hosted by our friends at AICUG, The Future of AI in IT and Auto ML. AI should make humans smarter and accelerate our potential. We invite you to hear from and mingle with three brilliant innovators and founders who are changing the world and making all of us better! ***Your brain and stomach will be nourished at this event*** SPEAKERS: Dan Turchin - Co-founder and CPO of Astound Adam Blum - Founder and CEO of Auger.ai Bryan Talebi - Co-founder and CEO of Ahuraai.com PROGRAM: 6:00 - 6:30 PM Refreshment reception 6:30 - 7:30 PM AI presentations 7:30 - 8:00 PM Mingling with speakers and attendees We are expecting a big turnout. Adjacent lots (@Studio Red, Webcor, Palo Alto Baking Co) and paid parking @Hotel Nia are available if Astound lot is full. LIVE STREAM on YouTube: https://youtu.be/XJa2HPOxXcY GRATITUDE to our sponsors: Host: ASTOUND (www.astound.ai) Refreshments: First Republic Bank (www.firstrepublic.com)

  • Silicon Valley Open Demo Day - by ICC, Citi & CitiBank

    ZGC Innovation Center @ Silicon Valley

    REGISTRATION is required. RSVP is not REGISTRATION. REGISTER below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfmCIBP7h0Dvf0yrkyJoB_-JxB6WBk6_khcixzFGDuLuIcBOg/viewform (<= REGISTER to attend for FREE; then, BUY A TICKET to give your commitment to participate in the pitch contest.) Upon submitting the REGISTRATION form, you'll be prompted to BUY A TICKET. (Use PROMO code 'CSPA2019' to get discount). To attend, do not buy a ticket. To pitch, buy a ticket. Inviting all kinds of startups to participate and showcase their products and solutions and demo their products, to an audience of Bay area professionals and investors. The top 5 Participants will get an opportunity to Do a company Pitch and showcase their products. Each startup gets 15 minutes to talk about themselves and give demo. Registration is required for the event. There may be ticket to attend at the venue if not registered in advance. This event is being conducted by Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in partnership with Z-park Santa Clara, CSPA, SIPA, SVCA, AAPM & AnotherReality. Event brought to you by Citi and CitiBank. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GUIDELINES: ------------------ - It's an open event - open to the community for participation. There's no bar and no criteria. - Any individual professional or any startup can participate in the contest and every REGISTERED audience member on the floor can participate as a judge. - Top 5 startups, nominated by distinguished judges, will be pitching/demoing their products. Each startup will be making a presentation for 15 minutes. Participants are requested to bring their own laptops. - All REGISTERED audience members on the floor, attending physically or virtually, including VCs, investors, distinguished judges, experts and professionals in the tech community will be judging (nominating and scoring) the pitches. - Nomination votes and scores are shared with all REGISTERED audience members. - Participants receive quantitative and qualitative feedback from judges. - Winners receive prize tokens, but no prize money. PITCHING TO A VC / INVESTORS / THE AUDIENCE PUBLICLY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aditya Sharma | Co-founder | https://hicounselor.com/ Alexander Lemken | Founder | https://www.ioxp.de/ Bishnu Acharya | Founder | stealth-mode Jiusi Ma | Founder & CEO | https://sagacore.com/ Karthik Kulkarni | Founder | stealth-mode PJ Gupta | Founder | stealth-mode Rajeev Garg | Founder | stealth-mode [... more TBA ...] PITCHING TO INVESTORS PRIVATELY -------------------------------------------------- Vasudha Badri-Paul | Founder | stealth-mode [... more TBA ...] VC / ACCREDITED INVESTOR ---------------------------------------- Harsh Luthra Karl Kou KRS Murthy | CEO | http://www.i3world.in/ Lin MA | ML Scientist | http://www.google.com/ Peter Laakkonen | Founding Partner | SecVen Partners Reddy VS Poli Shailesh Bhat | Director | https://careers.walmart.com/ [... more TBA ...] PROGRAM: --------------- 06:00 PM Doors Open 06:25 PM - 06:30 PM Welcome Address 06:30 PM - 06:45 PM Presentation by sponsor 06:45 PM - 08:00 PM Demos by top 5 participants nominated by judges 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM Networking 09:00 PM Closing For queries, contact Viraj or IACC team.

  • Tech Startup Summit: AI/ML in the Cloud


    REGISTRATION is required. RSVP is not REGISTRATION. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfCJnCZ9M7ROV_DmEEuUA4PY8uzP3i7y3JkKk7e045rXQ8aHQ/viewform (<= Click to REGISTER) It's a FREE community event organized by CSPA, SIPA, SVCA & AAPM. FORMAT 3:00 PM Doors Open 3:55 PM Welcome 4:00 PM Pitches & Demos (5 min each) 5:00 PM Panels 6:00 PM Break 6:30 PM Panels 8:30 PM Closing SPEAKERS/INVESTORS/FOUNDERS Abhishek Gupta|Professor - Cloud Computing|https://www.scu.edu Abraham Kang|CTO|https://www.geeee.ai Aditya Bhuwania|Sr. Product Manager|http://www.amazon.com Adnan Yunus|Co-Founder & CEO|https://procedural.ai Ajay Jotwani|Co-Founder & CEO|https://www.i2chain.net Akhilesh Dhawan|Director - Marketing|https://www.citrix.com Alexander Ermolaev|Director - AI|https://www.changehealthcare.com Aman Goyal|VC Analyst|http://www.sumeruventure.com Amulya Vishwanath|Developer Marketing Lead, AI|https://www.nvidia.com Angik Sarkar|Founder & CEO|https://thewaylo.com Aninda Sengupta|VP - Cloud|https://www.oracle.com Anis Radianis|Co-Founder & CEO|http://www.fineoz.com Anurag Goel|Co-founder|http://www.altierre.com Bernardo Teixeira|Blockchain Infrastructure|http://www.zytech123.io Ce Cheng|Investment Associate|https://www.westlake.vc Clint Griess|Executive Coach|https://clintgriess.com Cuau Padilla|CEO|http://www.liberet.com David Urry|Founder & CEO|https://www.paintedintelligence.com David Wallman|FinTech Platform Architect|Proprietary Stock Trading Desk Dr. Ali Ufuk Peker|CEO|http://adastec.com Efay Guo|Founder|https://www.appseeu.com Galen Kim Davis|Founder|NeoBloom Geoff Boyd|Founder|http://memotech.ai Girish Kolluri|Co-Founder|https://kulfyapp.com Hasan Ali Khan|Co-founder & CTO|https://theredsoftware.com JayK Patel|President & CEO|http://wefea.com John Yoon|Founder|https://tildawatch.com Jolene Oxborrow|Global Marketing Officer (woman)|http://dolla.org Josh Cliffords|CEO|http://freeubi.com Kathy Yang|Founder|Thunder View Inc Ken Kengatharan|Chairman & CEO|http://www.auxesiaorion.com Kevin Ringstaff|Founder|https://www.petcloud.pet Kiran Vardi|Director - Sales|https://www.sonata-software.com KRS Murthy|CEO|http://www.i3world.in Larry Wang|EIR|https://www.plugandplaytechcenter.com Liana Ye|Founder|http://peacenames.com Lin MA|ML Scientist|http://www.google.com Matthew Mo Mangyin|Researcher|https://www.aptagen.com Maya Joyce Matthews|VC Analyst (woman)|https://www.intel.com Mehran Hadipour|VP (BD & TA)|https://robin.io Mizuki Eno|President|https://www.nelco.com Orlandus Waters|CFO|http://www.mintyfreshdigital.com P Subrahmanyam|Consulting Professor|https://www.stanford.edu Paul Borrill|President & CEO|https://www.earthcomputing.io Peter Nguyen|Researcher|https://be.mit.edu Pierce Gaynor|Co-Founder & CEO|https://www.fixional.co Prasun Mishra|Founding President & CEO|https://twitter.com/precismed Praveenkumar Venkatesan|Founder|http://deletemydata.io Ravindran Sankaran |Sr. Director - iPaaS|https://www.oracle.com Rich Greenwood|Partner - Marketing|http://www.chainreactionpr.com Roger Ten|Investment Associate|http://presidio-ventures.com Rohit Dutta|Founder|http://entrepreneursuccessschool.com Sami Ghoche|Co-Founder|https://www.forethought.ai San Armani|CEO|https://mobilityecommerce.com Savita Raina|Director of Marketing - AI (woman)|https://www.oracle.com Shahram Mohrehkesh|Scientist - AI|https://www.retailsolutions.com Srikant Hemmady|Commercial Broker|http://svlending.com Srinivasan Ramani|Director|https://www.oracle.com Sudeep Sharma|Co-founder|http://www.trellissoft.com Sue Pats|Entrepreneurship Trainer (woman)|http://www.nubeginning.com sumithra D jonnalagadda|CEO|http://www.codemarket.io Tobias Waldhecker|Founder|https://www.fuel-restaurants.com Ulhas Bodhankar|Co-founder|http://www.numbaa.com Venkatesh Yerrapotu|Founder|https://www.grcrisksolutions.com Vesselin Gueorguiev|Researcher|www.slideshare.net/VGG-Consulting Vinod Bakthavachalam|Sr. Data Scientist|https://www.coursera.org Zeki Gunay|Founder & CEO|http://www.cratustech.com

  • 1st Friday of month - Founders & Funders Indian Food Truck Festival! (FREE)

    REGISTRATION is required. RSVP is not REGISTRATION. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdjI90MIEDAvIvYXX-7W4ERINFGPdO7ER_2jV4-8SY7S_E-cA/viewform (<= Click to REGISTER) It's a FREE community-oriented event sponsored by. Silicon Valley Bank https://www.svb.com/ Inventus Law https://inventuslaw.com/ Kloud Data https://www.klouddata.com/ East Bay - Here we come! Let's kick off summer with Food & Drinks! You're invited to join Silicon Valley Bank, Inventus Law, and KloudData for the Indian Food Truck Festival on Friday, June 7. It will be an evening filled with networking, intriguing conversaions and excellent food and drinks. We hope you can join us for this special evening! By registration only. Registrations are non-transferable.

  • SF-Bay Area Business, Tech & Creative Professionals Networking (FREE)

    REGISTER below to network effectively and efficiently. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdjI90MIEDAvIvYXX-7W4ERINFGPdO7ER_2jV4-8SY7S_E-cA/viewform (<= CLICK) Tips on networking in Silicon Valley: - Silicon Valley is a place of opportunities. It is a place where you find people with diverse professional and cultural background to network with. - Living in the Bay Area and not going out often to network means missing out on great opportunities. - Networking is the key to success in Silicon Valley. - Networking here is about making a connection with people at the event. - The more introductions you make, the more you receive. Follow “pay it forward” culture. - Time is such a limited resource that attention spans are often short and priorities are huge. No matter how interested the persons are in talking to you at the event, they will soon have other things rising up their priority list. You need to follow up quickly and perhaps repeatedly to push forward your agenda up on their priority list. This is an open public free-flow networking event for business and technology professionals in the Bay Area. Everyone is welcome. Once you register for the event, you will receive a match-making email a day before the event. The email would contain a list of your best matches at the event along with their contact details like email, phone. Reach out to your target matches in advance, send invitations, wait for their confirmations and then make your own networking plans to meet one-on-one with them at the venue. Once you have set clear expectations, you could plan well to spend your time at the event. Be on your own. Organizers can not guarantee who might or might not attend. Once you arrive at the venue, search for other attendees, be open to introduce yourself, meet and greet others, exchange business cards and plan your evening. NOTE: Use your best judgment and discretion and do your due diligence and research before you share your info or meet with attendees.

  • U First Capital Summit (Speakers NO ticket; Attendees BUY TICKET)

    REGISTER here to BUY TICKET https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdJ8S5xIBhmwue-ApqFxeUC3kCxHcfrbni_AsK4nytUAqLnOw/viewform LIVE: http://youtu.be/ud6ViknOUbI This event is organized by U First Capital. FORMAT 10 AM Opening & Keynote 11 AM - 05 PM Panels & Pitches SPEAKERS, Investors & Startup founders Ekta Dang|CEO & Founder (woman, VC)|https://www.ufirstcapital.com Sanjit Singh Dang|Founder (VC)|https://www.ufirstcapital.com Pavel Cherkashin|Managing Partner (VC)|http://gva.capital Yashwanth Hemaraj|Partner (VC)|https://bgv.vc Henry Fan|Managing Director (VC)|http://www.crossvinecapital.com PR Yu|Managing Partner (VC)|http://svtechventures.com Gideon Marks|Co-Founder (investor)|https://doglog.app Nitin Pachisia|Founding Partner (investor)|https://www.unshackledvc.com Bill Eichen|Managing Partner, Angel Investor|https://www.pie.capital Nicole DeMeo|CMO (woman, Investor)|https://www.andracapital.com Ajay Jotwani|Co-Founder & CEO|https://www.i2chain.net Alan Weissberger|Content Manager|http://techblog.comsoc.org Ana Anbuselvan|CIO (woman)|http://www.gofindxr.com Anil Advani|Managing Partner|https://inventuslaw.com Anitha Beberg|CEO (woman)|http://sevaexchange.com Anu Nigam|Managing Partner|https://etwadvisors.com Ash Seddeek|Founder|http://www.yamapay.com Bala Cuddalore|Founder & CEO|http://nlightntech.com Caio Buchalla|Founder|https://www.buchallaconnections.com Carolina Garcia Rizo|CBO (woman)|http://www.justbiotherapeutics.com Chaitanya Hiremath|Founder & CEO|https://www.scanta.io Chris Gaines|Co-Founder & CMO|https://www.theden.io Chris Yang|Co-Founder & CEO|https://rainbowbetter.org Christopher Hussain|Founder & CEO|https://www.realkey.com Cleve Adams|CEO|https://site1001.com Dao Nguyen|Founder|https://meetmoreyou.com Donald Steiny|Investor & Biz Coach|https://myactionspot.com Elias Lozano|Founder & CEO|http://www.esvyda.com Elnaz Sarraf|Founder & CEO (woman)|https://roybirobot.com Eric Bennett|Founder|https://www.frontierbio.com Florent Sarrot|Co-Founder|https://www.whtshp.com Gisele Bisson|Founder (woman)|http://www.chainreactionpr.com Jaymes Hines|Founder & CEO|http://fanverse.xyz Jean Marc Toledano|Advisor|https://altencalsoftlabs.com Jennifer Wong|CEO & Co-Founder (woman)|https://www.phytazenica.com Jim Wang|Chairman & CEO|http://www.olymtech.com Jordan Last|Founder|https://podcrypt.app Julie Dufaye|Asst. Marketing|http://www.koder.com Julien Boubel|Investor|https://www.topfunnel.co Ken Wong|Founder (Investor)|https://www.sfoundation.io Kevin Hsieh|Founder & CEO|http://www.tridensys.com KG Charles-Harris|CEO|https://quarrio.com KRS Murthy|CEO|http://www.i3world.in Lauren Weiniger|Co-Founder (woman)|https://www.safeapp.me Malcolm Flack|Founder & CEO|https://www.bbuck.io Manoj Kenkare|Managing Director|https://www.accenture.com Mercedes A Soria|EVP & CIO (woman)|https://www.knightscope.com Michael Gord|Founder & CEO|https://mlgblockchain.com Michael Hayes|President|https://www.theneweconomychamber.com Mihai Buta|Founder & CTO|https://www.mobilflex.com Mitthan Meena|Founder & CEO|https://laxmicoin.com Monali Jain|Angel Investor (woman) Moshe Shadmon|Founder & CEO|https://www.anylog.co Muneeb Mushtaq|CEO|https://airzai.com Ray Arora|Founder|BeTickled https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1429438785 Russell Jones|Co-Founder & CEO|https://www.CargoChief.com Sebastian G Anaya|Founder|http://www.latinxinai.org Sergio Smirnoff|Founder & CEO|https://redlinesapp.com Shawn Flynn|Founder|https://www.siliconvalleysuccesses.com Steve Lucero|Co-Founder|http://perpetuapartners.com Toni Xu|CEO (woman)|https://www.sgchain.io Pankaj Chaurasia|Co-Founder|http://3ilogic-designs.com Yogendra Chordia|Co-Founder|http://schrocken.com Collaborators Oracle, CSPA SIPA

  • Tech Startup Summit: AI/ML in the Cloud

    Mountain View

    REGISTRATION is required. RSVP is not REGISTRATION. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfCJnCZ9M7ROV_DmEEuUA4PY8uzP3i7y3JkKk7e045rXQ8aHQ/viewform (<= Click to REGISTER) It's a FREE community-oriented event. FORMAT ---------------------------------------------------------- 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM Doors Open & Networking 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Presentations (20 minutes each) 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Pitches & Demos (10 minutes each) 8:00 PM - 8:30 PM Networking & Closing SPEAKERS / INVESTORS / FOUNDERS ---------------------------------------------------------- David Urry | CEO Founder | https://www.paintedintelligence.com/ Kevin Ringstaff | Founder | https://www.petcloud.pet/ Anis Radianis | Co-Founder & CEO | http://www.fineoz.com/ --- more TBA ...