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We invite all persons who love classical guitar or acoustical guitar playing and/or going to guitar concerts like those hosted by www.guitarhouston.org to join our group. Our Meetup group meets once per month in the Houston Bay Area, i.e., Webster, TX. We play classical guitar or acoustical guitar solos for each other, have informal chat, or perhaps work on some group numbers or duets. There is no cost. We just want to play, listen, and enjoy guitar music. All styles of unamplified guitar are welcome; albeit, the focus will be (nylon-string) classical guitar.

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Jan-Feb Meetup is on Friday evening, 11-Feb at 7:30 PM At Jim Johnson's Home

January meetup was postponed until Feb. 11

We are providing time for those who like to play their solo pieces (2 or 3) or anything that they've been working on. Perfection isn't the goal. We are here to encourage each other to play guitar; not to be critical. There should be some time at the end to discuss each of our guitar playing interests. (Total time 1 to 1 1/2 hr.) There are no costs for this event.

You're welcome to attend without playing guitar if that is your preference. It is fun sometimes just to listen.

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