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What we’re about

The Bay Area Community Exchange Timebank is a group of people and nonprofit organizations who promote and facilitate the use of time instead of money in exchange for goods and services by using a time accounting system found at

Exchanges help develop stronger, more resilient connections among members of a community. BACE Timebank provides opportunities to meet, communicate, and exchange skills/resources for time. We help members meet their needs regardless of their income.

Welcome to our Meetup group where we'll announce events. If you want to use the Timebank to exchange goods and services, you’ll need to register for a Time Account. It’s free and easy to join and use the BACE Timebank. 

Join the Timebank, where the currency is time and everyone's time is equal.

Our Vision 
A more resilient, sustainable, and fair economy based on relationships, trust and sharing among individuals and community service organizations that strengthens community bonds and empowers Bay Area, California residents to meet their needs regardless of their income.

Our Mission 
To build and maintain an active timebank, to facilitate in-person connections, including outreach to economically underserved populations, and to maintain the practice of timebanking within our operations.

How the Timebank Works
Every hour of service you give to individual or to community service organization that members of the Timebank is credited to your time account. These earned hours are yours to spend on whatever Timebank goods or services are offered by other Timebank members. The Timebank was founded on the intention of creating a free, open source online directory, reputation and accounting system.

Learn more about us at our website.