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Timebank Monthly Meeting (online) [rescheduled]
** For October 2018, the Oct 3rd Meetup is CANCELED and RESCHEDULED to the 3rd Wed, Oct 17th at 6:30pm. ** Meetings conducted via conf-call (Omni visitors please call in) and online CALL VIA Google for ALL FUTURE MEETINGS To join the video meeting, click the link ^above. Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [masked] and enter this PIN:[masked]# WE NEED VOLUNTEERS. Come meet others interested in non-cash mutual exchange, and help us make the Timebank awesome! BACE is an all-volunteer collective. Without community, there is no BACE. On the first Wednesday of each month the BACE Timebank holds our general meetings, EXCEPT JULY 4TH, which will be the 3rd Wednesday. This meeting is also where all timebank issues are voted, and acted upon if Quorum exists. Quorum has been voted & agreed to as "enough concerned members as can reasonably be expected to attend, at this time." Your involvement is welcome if you’d like to volunteer, to be part of the decision making process at bace Timebank, or if you’d just like to check out what Timebanking is all about. Link to Timebank Exchange System: Bay Area Community Exchange Blog: Shared meeting doc: New Work & BACE Path Forward (

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What we're about

The Bay Area Community Exchange Timebank ( promotes and facilitates the use of Time instead of money in the exchange of goods and services.

The foundation of the Timebank is a free, open source online directory (, reputation and accounting system.

These exchanges help develop stronger, more resilient connections between individuals and community service organizations which participate in them, by improving communication and the distribution of skills and resources among our participants. We work to help people meet their needs regardless of economic status.

Every hour of service given to individuals or to community-based organizations that are members of the Timebank is credited to your account. These earned hours are then yours to spend on whatever Timebank goods or services you choose.

The currency is time and everyone's time is equal.

You can also find more information on our blog (

BACE Timebank Mission

•Build a more resilient, sustainable, fair and decentralized local economy based on relationships, trust and the sharing of resources and skills

•Building and maintaining an accessible, sustainable Timebank - an online directory, reputation and hour-based accounting system - that facilitates better communication of needs and resources and a more abundant means of exchange

•Strengthen community bonds to improve emotional and economic security by creating an interconnected web of reciprocal exchanges

•Developing partnerships with community service organizations to help make them more sustainable, to grow their programs without financial capital, and to promote the Timebank as a service to their constituencies

•Developing in person connections between individuals and with organizations through exchanges and complementary activities such as swapmeets, orientations, parties, skillshares, and volunteer days

•Encouraging the membership to actively take responsibility for their Timebank, participate in the Timebank volunteer collective and create their own Timebank groups, branches, activities and projects to advance community-driven goals, values and relationships

•Facilitate mutual assistance to meet the needs of all bay area residents, especially the economically underserved

•Reward volunteers at community service organizations with hour credits to make their important work more sustainable

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