What we're about

Founded in 2011, our group now has over 300 members, and this is SOME of what they do: making collaborative sculpture, making music, crafting, making video and film, making art in the environment, dancing, contact improvisation dancing, creating dances, being a bodyworker, creating collages, creating 3D illustration, writing plays, writing poetry, writing screenplays, cooking, making ceramics, , knitting , painting, drawing, tinkering, being silly, playing, making music, making rhythm, drumming, singing, playing the cello, playing guitar, playing the flute, being a sound healer, storytelling, making photographs, , making theatre , creating calligraphy, making screen prints, making new media, animating, creating costumes, improvisational acting, making sacred assemblage, cooking, carpentering, gardening, organizing, performing, designing landscapes, creating makeup artistry, creating spaces through florist arts, building with natural materials, performing with fire, trapezing, designing, lacemaking, needlework, sewing, dressing creatively, making machinima, making animation, being a stylist, balloon twisting, doing improv theater and comedy.

Here are some of the ideas members have had for upcoming meetups:

Improv theater gathering

Music jam session

Collaborate to make a big “Fantasy Fort” from cardboard boxes, then knock it down Godzilla-style

Make some cookies

Evening event with food, wine, and all the art supplies we can gather

Multidisciplinary improvisational experiential event following a structure such as “Struggle, Action, Resolution”

Improv storytelling, co-drawing

Improvisational playful creative gathering without any preconceived plan. Include music, movement, art, theatre, spoken word, etc.

Guided meditation gathering

Drum Journey




Paint the river of life

Painting and dancing at the same time (paint-dancing)

Contact Improvisation

Group mural making

Create a large sculpture using found objects

Make mud sculptures

Make earth art

Gardening creatively together

Dancing with film projections

Create money

Have someone write a short story, animate the story, have someone else make some music, and someone else tell a story

Take a creative journey into nature

Make a video

Dance on a canvas, and as we dance our feet create a piece of art

Collaborative writing: screenplays, sketches, monologs, satires, short stories, etc.

Make a living wall together

Cooperative games

Collective myth-making

Exploring structures and scores integrating dance, voice, and improvisation, with the astrological

Interpretive dance as a group

Collectively provide renewal specifically to changemakers and social justice minded professionals

Writing & telling stories where everyone contributes a piece

Group creation of a sound-generating installation (stations with shakers, chimes, etc.), and then making a recording of a group musical improvisation.

Appeals to you? Join our group!

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