What we're about

We are a community dedicated to supporting people in business and entrepreneurs to build their financial
wealth through education and systematic thinking.

Most people remain unclear or uninformed about the following:
1. Latest news and models on how to build wealth including but not limited to saving, taxes, insurance, business ownership advantages and much more.
2. How to leverage these models and information into a customized strategy and set of tactics and practices that converts into wealth.
3. How to engage with a community of people at their level + people at more informed levels to learn, grow and build foundations upon which to create more wealth.
4. How to use systematic and careful thinking to design a concrete plan and pathway to your financial success... for you, your family and perhaps your community in the long run if you desire that.

There is a power in the community that is untapped. This power includes knowledge but also includes wisdom - the avoidance of blind spots and narrow thinking that leads to limited wealth and success. Please join us to learn more and engage in our activities:
1. Educational trainings and workshops.
2. Networking and social events to learn and engage with others.
3. and much more.

Please join our group asap.
We look forward to meeting you.
Milan and Milton D'Souza, Organizers.

Upcoming events (1)

Financial Breakthroughs - Concrete Pathways to Wealth using Your Business.

If there is a waiting list, please RSVP to get on it asap. This event will be marketed via many channels. We will open up spaces closer to the event date and time. Many people have talked about creating financial breakthroughs. A breakthrough is something that you could not imagine happened but on hindsight, the breakthrough is something that was well planned. There are no guarantees of course, but we want to show you how you can build sensibly and concretely over time ... to create the conditions for wealth to occur for you. What we will cover: 1. Why our approach is different and more workable for you. 2.Specific Steps to Maximize your impact (your business & life). 3.Specific steps to Make you more money and do what you love. 4.How to use the approach to stabilize your finances, stay on purpose. Please RSVP soon to avoid disappointment. We look forward to seeing you. Milan and Milton D'Souza, Organizers.

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