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Do you miss playing video games, eating junk food, and having a good time with your friends? Are you tired of your "social experience" amounting to an online conversation with your friends through a microphone? If so, this is the Meetup for you!

Let's plug in a Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, or any other console, grab some pizza, and have a good time. Console and game suggestions are always welcome. Please feel free to bring a TV if you want to set up a real LAN party, but will have at least four set up already.

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Play Serious Sam Collection for PlayStation and Xbox

172 Farm Ln

The next meeting will take place on January 16th at my house in Martinez. So for this meeting we finally have a game with local multiplayer, the Serious Sam collection, for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Serious Sam got it’s start as a throwback run and gun shooter in 2001 when the first game came out for PC. Then only a year later Serious Sam 2 came out for PC. After that both games were ported to the popular game systems of the time like the original Xbox, Game Cube and PlayStation 2, but the graphics and especially the draw distance were much worse. Then years went by until finally there were some new Serious Sam games announced but they were side scrollers more similar to Contra or Gunstar Heroes and not Doom, Quake, or Duke Nukem like the original games. Then a third shooter game came out in 2011 for PC, and this new collection in November of 2020.There’s also a new fourth game, but it’s only for PC currently. There isn’t much story in Serious Sam outside of the cut scenes at the beginning and end of each game, however the premise is in the future humanity explores the galaxy, but then an evil race of monsters invades and challenges mankind’s survival. Apparently the monsters first attacked in Ancient Egypt, so Sam is sent back in time to wipe out all the monsters before they can gain a foothold and become a real threat in the future. When actually playing the game you won’t hear much dialogue except the occasional joke from Sam about what just happened in the game. You’ll mostly hear the sound of enemy projectiles and your own gunfire, which is annoyingly distorted by the way. Most levels are pretty much run forward, clear the room of enemies, and repeat until you beat the stage. Although because areas look so similar and there’s no map it can be easy to get lost and backtrack by mistake in a level. However generally if five or six monsters aren’t running toward you screaming, then you are going the wrong way. The best thing about the Serious Sam collection is that every mode can be played with up to four players online or locally. So you can do four player split screen campaign co-op in each of the three games and even the Jewel of the Nile and Legend of the Beast expansion packs. There’s even a semi competitive Beast Hunt mode which tracks who killed the most monsters and increases their score. There’s also a traditional Deathmatch multiplayer mode that’s also split screen. Each game appears to have about fifteen different maps for Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing and My Burden which is similar to Odd Ball from Halo. There’s also Capture the Flag, but for some reason there much fewer maps available to play at only six combined across all three games total. I had some trouble picking a game this month since it seems like there weren’t that many new ones coming out, but keep in mind that you can play other games I have for PlayStation 5, 4, 2, Xbox Series X, One, Original, Dreamcast, Saturn, N64, Nes, Super NES, or Genesis if you prefer. Also I’ll have three pizzas, chips, water, milk, and Coca Cola to eat if you are hungry at my house. Next month should be good since a whole bunch of games are coming out on February 5th for some reason so there will be a bigger selection.

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