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Bay Area Indian Community Group (ICG)
Mother of all Indian/Desi meetups - For real people!

Let's Make Indian Community Great Again!

ICG MISSION: ICG is my initiative to connect and unify Indian community/meetups in Bay Area, CA, by providing common platform for socializing, recreation and entertainment; to promote Indian culture; values; promote new friendships and relationships through social events in safe environment.

ABOUT ME & MY PERSONAL GOAL: I've been living in Bay Area for a long time. Got my B.Engg from VJTI, Mumbai and M.S. in Comp. Engg. from U. Cincinnati. Worked at Intel, Sun Micro and Oracle for 20+ years as Hardware Engg. in microprocessor design teams. Held various positions from EDA developer, to CAD manager/architect, to back-end tools/flows lead/architect with expertise in clocking, extraction, signal integrity, etc. Oracle canned the entire microprocessor (Sun Sparc) division, laying off everyone in August 2017. Since then, decided to do something different. I am attending Law School full time and aspire to be an attorney. I am also a realtor, into financial services, and connecting startups to VCs.

I have been on meetup for 10+ years and been Organizer of several meetups. It all started with Bay Area Single Parents & Divorcee group (now called Break Ke Baad) in 2009 time-frame. Since then and over time, been organizer of Indian Families Meetup, Indian Cooking Meetup, Hiking group, etc. Currently, I am organizers of Bay Area Indian Community Group (BA-ICG), Bay Area Indian Business & Finance Network (BA-IBFN) and Bay Area Divorce Support and Recovery Group (BA-IDSRG). I am event organizer of several startup, entrepreneurship, VC community, finance and social meetups.

I have a heart of a socialist or social worker, and mind of a capitalist!

ICG is not a non-profit, nor is it for profit. ICG is my way of giving back to the community, my social commitment I'm not making money from ICG members and events. However, I have a vested interest! I'm networking, making new friends and building my branding. I want to earn your trust and business. I have to kids and family to take care, and bills to pay, too.

ICG MEMBERSHIP: Membership to ICG is restricted to people of Indian origin and their families only. Married, divorced, separated, single parents, and singles are welcome to join the group. There is no age, religion or language restrictions.

Restricting members to Indians only is not discriminatory. Meetup is a social networking site and each group has its own character, caters to specific interests, activity, purpose or community needs . Meetup policies allow formation of "Restricted" groups.

Members must provide full/real name, contact phone number and valid email address for my records. You can email me direct to mankola@yahoo.com.

ICG RULES: I make all the rules and that's all good for you!

Most of these rules are based on years of experience as organizer on Meetup and life experiences. Trust me.

You have right to agree to disagree. If you disagree, please do not divide the group, cause trouble or be disruptive. I'm on a mission and I have my own ideas of for the group in the long term. If you have conflict with me or ICG, best that you leave the group. I'm very tolerant and have lot of patience, in general. But, I have low tolerance for people who speak bad about me, disparage me and for people who undermine my efforts and goals for ICG.

Troublemakers will be removed. I don't need to give any explanation to anyone. Members who disagree with my decisions are free to leave too and can form their own group if they wish. Any member who is friends with members who is removed/banned from ICG, can leave ICG on their own or will be removed. You cannot have best of both worlds, be friends with me and my enemies! I expect integrity and loyalty from ICG members.

ICG PROFILE: Please maintain clear and complete profile. It is recommended that you have your full/real name on your profile. Members must have recognizable photo on the profile and true answers to the profile questions. If you are married, a profile photo together with your spouse is recommend. Members without profile photos or answers to profile questions maybe removed from the group anytime.

EVENT GUIDELINE: Anyone can host events in ICG. If you would like to host event, let me know, I'll make you an event organizer. Event host takes complete responsibility of planning, organizing and hosting their events. ICG event are mostly family events and may include children. Hosts can reach out to other members to co-host or help.

ICG is not big supporter of clubbing, bar hopping, alcoholism, hukkas, nightclubs, etc -- that's not very Indian! ICG does not support Art of Living and other organizations like it.

Events must be posted at least one week in advance, so members get a chance to RSVP. No impromptu events please.

On the event description please indicate if event is open for all, for adults only, for singles only and if kids are allowed. Event hosts reserve right to unRSVP anyone at their events. I, as chief, reserve right to delete any event that does not confirm with ICG mission and goals.

I do not appreciate group-ism and hosting of meetup events with ICG members but beyond my back and outside of ICG. It's defeats my goal to build a friendly and connected group. It's not fair to other members. It is not fair to me because I pay Meetup fees to be organizer - It's no free.

If you have event ideas, please post it on Meetup. It is extremely difficult for me to come up with events and host all the time. I have my personal life, kids and career too.

Post your group events on Meetup, unless its your personal events with your friends outside of ICG.

ICG allows you to limit number of guests and it's a good idea, especially when you are hosting an event at your home or need to make reservations.

ICG hosts and I, as the chief of ICG, reserve right to unRSVP anyone.

RSVP ETIQUETTE: RSVP only if you plan to attend and see it as a social commitment. Event hosts put in lot efforts to host and organize events. Keep your RSVP current always. If you cannot attend an event, please unRSVP at least 24 hours before the event. If you have a real emergency, please have courtesy to call the event host. If you are married, please try to attend events with your spouse. ICG is not a playground for one spouse only.

If an event involves money, please be prompt to make payments. Without payments and commitments, it makes it very hard for organizer to plan events that involves money.

NO-SHOWS & LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS: Event hosts may chose to give black star (*) for no shows and last minute unRSVPs. Members with black stars may not be allowed to attend events that has a waitlist.

Members who regularly RSVP for an event an then do not show up, or cancel at the last minute will be removed from the group. (Typically after 3 black stars). Black-stars are given at discretion of event hosts. For my events, I'll be giving black-stars.

To get rid of any black-stars earned, all you need to do is successfully host and organize an event for ICG.

BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS: ICG is a family. Respect each other at all times. Integrity and loyalty to the group expected from everyone. When kids are attending events, be a role model for the kids. Dress decently always, and be nice to one another.

PHOTO POLICY: Please respect privacy of group members. If someone does not want to be in the pictures, do not take pictures.

Photographs from ICG members may not to published on Facebook, Meetup or social media without consent of members in the photographs.

Only event host or me may post few photographs on Meetup without expressed consent of event attendees.

If a member wants any of the photographs removed, please contact me or event host and the photograph will be removed immediately, only if member is in the photograph.

I owe no duty to guests.

EVENT SPECIFIC WHATSAPP GROUP: Event Organizer may create WhatsApp group to communicate and coordinate with members for specific events. These groups will be restricted to event attendees only. Messages on chat group must be event-related.

Please refrain from personal messages, useless chats, forwarding random jokes, videos, and unnecessary discussions. Like with any WhatsApp groups, please be aware that group might have wide audience of different backgrounds and random chats are a nuisance while at work.

Event specific WhatsApp groups must be deleted within one week after the event.

DATING & RELATIONSHIPS: ICG is not against dating and searching for your soul mate. In fact, it is one of ICG goals that like minded people meet in events, get toi know each other, fall in love and get married. Bay Area has many singles and divorcees. Everyone is on dating sites, matrimonial sites, but its not easy to meet and find the right person. ICG is a local group, so it gives you opportunity to meet new people in group setting, family events and become friends, hopefully leading to healthy relationship and marriages. I'm old-school and a proponent of marriages.

ICG is not a "all-you-can-eat" buffet, if you know what I mean! ICG is not a pick-up joint! Know your limits and when to draw the line.

ICG has zero-tolerance for messing around, abuse, adultery and infidelity. Offenders will be removed and banned from the group. I hold all members to higher standard of morals and ethics.

REMOVAL FROM GROUP: As Founder & Organizer of ICG, at my sole discretion, I reserve right to remove anyone from the group for any reason. No explanation will be provided.

A member may be removed for inappropriate behavior towards other members, harassment, stalking, repetitive unwanted advances, repeated no-shows, fake profiles, posting negative or offensive comments about the group, about me, about event host or members, physical violence, drug abuse or simply because I don't want you in my group for some reason.

Members who have not logged into their account and visited ICG for more than 8 months will be removed from the group.

Members who does not ever attend any event, may be removed from the group. ICG asks for your involvement and participation. If you are not attending any events, there is no need to be in the group!

PROMOTING BUSINESSES: I believe nothing comes for free! If you own a business, you are welcome to promote it on ICG. But there are two conditions 1) There must be a discount exclusively for ICG members and 2) There must be an incentive for me.

Feel free to contact me directly and we can work out a fair deal. If any member promotes their business without my approval, they will be removed from the group.

COMPLAINTS: If you have any complaints about an event, please have it addressed by the event host first, then talk to me. I'll hear both sides and do my best to resolve it.


* When you sign up with a “Yes” RSVP for an event, it is assumed that you know the risks involved with that activity and decide to participate at your own risk. Parents assume all risk when they sign a child up for an event. Members assume all risks for family and guests they bring along.

* By RSVP’ing “Yes” to an event, you indemnify our group from any problem you should incur because of this risk.

By joining and being a member of ICG, you agree that:

* You voluntarily joined the group and attending events voluntarily.

* No duty is owed to any guests attending the events.

* While attending events or hosting events, there maybe risks or hazards, foreseen or unforeseen, due to negligence or accidental. These inherent risks include, but are not limited to, the dangers of serious personal injury, property damage, and death (“Injuries and Damages”) from exposure to the hazards of travel.

* By becoming a member of the group you WAIVE, DISCHARGE CLAIMS, AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY Meetup, ICG, it's founder--me, event organizers, and agents (collectively referred to as “the released parties”) from ANY AND ALL LIABILITY on account of, or in any way resulting from Injuries and Damages, even if caused by negligence of the released parties, in any way connected to this Meetup event. You agree to HOLD HARMLESS ICG, me and the released parties from any claims, damages, injuries or losses caused by your own negligence while participant on the Meetup event.

* ICG does not have doctors or ERT. ICG and its members have NO DUTY to provide any medical assistance or call for ambulance in any medical emergency.

* You understand and intend that this assumption of risk and release is binding upon my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.

* This release of liability includes those who are under your supervision or any friend that you may bring to an event. You assume responsibility for any non-member that I bring/invite to an event.


Manishkumar Ankola

The Chief, BA Indian Community Group

(408) 768-4563

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