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This Meetup Group is dedicated to people who like to listen, learn, discover, talk about, and play & perform music. This includes all the genres you can think of (Film music, Classical Music, Pop Music, Ghazals, Folk, Rock, Fusion, etc.) for every language and region of India. We conduct Music Jams, Live Performances, Discussions on Music, and of course Music Listening. In addition to learning and exploring familiar songs and music, we hope to expose people to new types of music and new songs to better bring together Indians of all backgrounds. We also want to inspire others in the Bay Area to take a break from the daily rat race and make music a part of their lives.

If you want to play & perform music with others, improve your music chops, meet people who like listening to/playing the same kind of music that you do and learn/grow an appreciation for music then this is the group for you.

Unlike many other Indian groups, This group is NOT a "Singles" or a dating group. This group is all about music.

Communication/Get the Meetup APP:

I would recommend members to get the meetup app so that they can stay informed about new events and updates on events. Also, check your private meetup messages because I actually do communicate & correspond with members and answer questions or try to get some questions of my own answered. The following video will help you:



Membership/Active Membership:

As a member of this group, it's important that you participate. The group's presence and success depends on your active participation. We're not looking to build the biggest group with thousands of members. We'd rather have a couple hundred quality members that attend events semi-regularly and give input into the kind of events to have and how to improve the group. If you just blindly clicked "Join" and don't plan to attend events then this group really isn't for you. A member is considered an active member if at the very minimum, the member logs into the Meetup website or uses the Meetup App and visits our group page. If a member hasn't visited the group's website or App page in over a year, then that person will be removed from the group and also be removed from the group Facebook page (if you are part of that). That person can always rejoin but essentially the group is looking for active members who will keep the meetup group healthy and help to build a good community.

Attendance Rules:

There is a 72-hour cancellation policy. This 72 hours is necessary as people make plans ahead of time and it is not fair to the organizer or other members if someone cancels at the last minute and expects the organizer or other members to fill the gap that is left. If you Cancel outside of the 72-hour window, then your $10 will be refunded. If you fail to change your RSVP at least 72 hours prior to the posted meetup event start time or if you don't show up, then you forfeit the $10 deposit and that $10 goes towards the Leadership group's Meetup fund.

In addition to forfeiting your $10 deposit, members that don't honor their RSVP will receive a "Strike" for members who "No Show" an event (For Details, see "Strike System" section below). Meetup is not an afterthought nor should it be thought of as such when there are people putting in time and energy to make it happen. Many events will have a limit as to how many people can attend. It is simply not fair to those on the waiting list who would like to attend to lose a spot to someone who no-showed, or who cancelled with insufficient notice for others to make plans. It only takes 10 seconds to update your RSVP. If you "No Show" a meetup event, then you get 2 strikes.

As far as times and attendance goes, even though this is a mostly Indian meetup group, we don't believe in or subscribe to the concept of "IST" ("Indian Standard Time" or being late and expecting that to be totally normal and acceptable social behavior). It's inconsiderate and disrespectful for the people planning, the people attending, and the people hosting. When a time is posted, the meetup will start soon after that posted start time so it is imperative that if you RSVP "Yes", that you be considerate to your fellow group members and arrive on time. Emergencies are understandable and there are always unforeseen circumstances but it's better to be transparent in those situations and let the group know that you'll be late. If a member shows up late, then that member will receive a Strike (For Details, see "Strike System" section below).

In addition to not coming late, one should also not just "stop by" or "show face" or include meetup as just another "party hopping stop" and leave early, especially because there are members on the Waitlist that would have come for the entire event. If you have RSVP'd "Yes", then you must stay for the main duration of the event. If there's a Jam Session, then you should stay for the entirety of the main songs decided in the Jam Session. If there's a discussion, then stay for the entire discussion. If there's a open mic/live event, then stay until the end of the main songs. If you leave early, you will receive a Strike.

So to sum up:

Cancelling within 72 hours of an event: 1 Strike

Showing up late to an event or leaving early: 1 Strike

No-Showing an event: 2 Strikes

Rules for Bringing Guests:

The rule for bringing guests in the group is that NO GUESTS ARE ALLOWED! The only people that can invite guests are the Patrons. It is inconsiderate to bring a guest especially when the patrons of the group are expecting a certain number of people and new, unaccounted for people show up. If you want to bring someone, then tell them to sign up and join the group. This group is for Members Only.

If you bring a guest without asking or checking with the Organizers first, you will be removed from the group.

Strike System:

If a member is a "No Show"and flakes out for an event, arrives considerably late, or doesn't cancel at least 72 hours prior to an event then that member will receive two Strikes. Upon receiving a Strike, that member will be have the very special privilege of having their profile be publicly designated as having a Strike. Furthermore that member will be given the least amount of preference for RSVP'ing to the next event that they RSVP for. If that member gets 3 strikes, then just like in America's favorite pastime Baseball, 3 strikes and you're out. Or as we say in cricket, "You're Out". That member will be removed from the group.


Members are not allowed to advertise/do marketing on this group page about their own commercial events without first asking permission of the Organizers. Members who repeatedly advertise about outside events will be removed from the group.


Everyone who gets a strike has a chance at redemption. One can redeem themselves by donating money to the group or hosting an event in their home.

The group likes to have members that are courteous, reliable and respectful and that includes following the rules and policies of the group.


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