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Investing Matters.

This is an educational forum and discussion group about investing. Why and how you invest in stocks and bonds matters. The primary purpose of this group is to help you learn about investment topics for your financial health & wellness. The discussion forum is open to people who are new to investing, those who manage or self-direct their own accounts and experienced investors.

Lifestyle changes happen… • Do you have children? Would you like to invest to prepare for future college expenses? • Are you getting a divorce? Would you like to learn about investing for your future? • When you change your job, does your new company use different mutual funds on their 401K platform? • Do you want to transfer funds to your children or grandchildren? Are they ready? • Do you have mutual funds? Would you like to invest with greater clarity?

Why investing matters… • Are you ready to be in charge of your financial health & wellness if your lifestyle, spouse or health situation changes? • Are you prepared to take charge of your financial future?

We will hear about and discuss a range of investment topics such as portfolio strategies, asset allocation, current market topics, stocks and bonds, 401Ks, IRAs, and behavior analysis. Speaker presentations and discussions will be held on a monthly basis.

We may also have interim events to address market conditions (along with some wine). If you have any questions, please contact Connie Song.

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Stock Picks and Infrastructure Tilts


Social Networking with Wine at Honchos !

Honcho Wine Bar in Downtown Los Altos

Social Networking !

Honcho Wine Bar in Downtown Los Altos