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Meet other developers and users of Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open source application and infrastructure management platform for containers . It handles scheduling onto nodes in a compute cluster and actively manages workloads to ensure that their state matches the users declared intentions. Kubernetes can run almost anywhere, including Google Compute Engine, Vagrant, CoreOS, Azure, vSphere, RackSpace, etc. Learn more about Kubernetes at http://kubernetes.io

If you'd like to be a speaker, sponsor, and/or host, fill out this form (https://goo.gl/forms/fA9WYGCkmOdbTYT12). We will reach out to you when we have a slot; first-come, first-served.

Join us on the Kubernetes slack org! http://slack.k8s.io - #meetup-bayarea channel.

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Bay Area KubeDay - a regional celebration

Google Cloud Building

Our first ever all day Kubernetes event! 2019 marks the 5th year of Kubernetes first commit on GitHub -- let's celebrate the start of the year with a regional event. We have speakers, sponsors, and a host! Registration will be through a separate service and linked here when we are live with a message to all group members. Save the date! Sneak peek: -one hour of show and tell lightening talks between 5-10 minutes long -an upstream contributors workshop -hands on OSS workshops for tools in our ecosystem -example talk on main track: Unified Observability with OpenCensus

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January Kubernetes Bay Area Meetup

Google Building MP3

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