What we're about

We are a community dedicated to supporting people to have breakthroughs in both business and life...
whilst feeling and being fulfilled in the pursuit of happiness and success.

We both bring our expertise and success as entrepreneurs and married partners who have achieved deeply fulfilling success whilst encountering and overcoming numerous obstacles along our way. We wish to share this hard-earned knowledge with you and enable you to find your own solutions as well.

These days, many are distracted by and focused solely on profits and 'making it' in their life, business or career.
"Is that all there is?" is what many ask.
"Is there a better way ... or a way that leaves me with the deep feeling of satisfaction that I hear is available to me?"

In this community, we provide a space for you to discover answers - both what we suggest and answers that you will see for yourself in inquiring within our events as to what is more important for you and how to concretely craft a path towards your goals.

We employ philosophical, transformational and common sense approaches and thinking in our approach.

We do the following types of events:
1. Educational & Community events.
2. Networking events.
3. Social events from time to time.
4. and much more.

Please join our group asap.
Beth and Peter Bostwick, Organizers

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