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This Meetup's mission is to bring together people and companies interested in new and existing materials and the industries driven by these materials. Our members see new material innovations as drivers for change in industries such as consumer electronics, lifestyle, renewable energy, electric vehicles, medicine and more.

We're looking to help foster a friendly and informal ecosystem to help members find valuable new contacts and future collaborative opportunities with designers, engineers, marketers, business developers, scientists and more.

Are you looking to pitch your new material technology/company? Get out here!

Are you looking for new materials to inspire your next product experience? Join us!

Do you provide a service for this new exciting batch of innovators? You get the drill...

Come hear about cutting-edge performance fibers for apparel and athletics, flexible and stretchable electronics, sustainable and renewable materials, nanotech medical devices & bio-sensors, and more.



I. Initial Informal Networking - 30-45 min

Free food and beverage to enjoy while networking

II. Meetup Announcements - 5-10 min

Will include mentions for upcoming sponsors events, upcoming fellow networking group meetups/events, upcoming incubator application deadlines, etc.

II) Event Sponsor's Keynote- 5-15 min

Event sponsor’s opportunity to pitch their company/services, discuss upcoming product/service announcements, share company recruitment interests/opportunities, etc.

III) 2 Min Pitches/Demos w/ Hard Stops - 1-1.5 hr

Opportunity for individuals & companies alike to line up to pitch their companies, job openings, individual talent/skills, services and more. No projector (see no powerpoints/keynotes) and no slides. Just you, your demos/prototypes and a microphone. No mic drops please. ;)

IV) Follow-up Informal Networking / Wrap Up - ~1 hr


Sponsors & Venues

If you know or know anyone that’s interested in sponsoring and/or providing a venue for a future event with this Meetup group, let’s know at the next Meetup or reach out to us on our Meetup homepage.



This type of events always need volunteers (plus it makes for a great way to amp your networking). We’re always looking for 2-5 folks to help at the door, with clean-up, and more. Volunteering guarantees you admission to the Meetup as well. So reach out if you'd like to help out!

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