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Who's Interested in a Gilroy Hacker Space?
Update 1: The initial point of this posting was to get people to fill out the survey to gauge interest. I'm pushing this back a couple of weeks to see if we can get enough people to justify having a meeting in person. If we get 5 RSVPs here and 5 RSVPs from another group, we will host a meeting to discuss this idea. Note!!! Even if you can't make the meeting, but you are still interested in the concept, PLEASE fill out the survey linked at the bottom. Background: I have been looking for a place to store my business RV indoors. I found a shop that looks like it could be an option but it is way larger than I need for my business. With all of the excess space, I am thinking about how to best utilize it in a fun and interesting capacity. I have toyed around with a couple of ideas but someone suggested a maker space concept and I really like it. The basic idea is to have a shared community space available for members to be able to work on their projects they otherwise could not do at home. Things like Auto Repair, ATVs, Motorcycles, to Drones, Metal Working, Robotics, etc... There would be a monthly membership fee between $25.00 to $100.00 depending on the type of activity / space the project requires and the number of members we get. Initially we would just have the space available with no or limited amounts of tools but over time if we are successful we could add shop tools available to use. Ideally with the right number of members, we would have a dedicated monthly budget to purchase and expand our selection of tools. It is important to understand that until there are shop tools, this would be a Bring Your Own Tool situation. The location will be somewhere in Gilroy. The types of activities we will have will be dependent on the zoning of the space that is rented. If possible, I would like to have something going by January but that depends on the level of commitment I have from people. I am not asking for deposits / fees until I am certain there is solid interest but I am asking that you only fill out this form if you are very interested and ready / able to commit to monthly fees / dues to make this happen. I've included some images of a space I am considering. The Survey questions appear below the photos. Please feel free to share this with your friends / family and post to Facebook and other social media. The more people that are seriously interested, the more likely that this will happen! If you are definitely interested, please take a moment to fill out this short survey:

Robert and Evelyn's

1390 Sunrise Drive · Gilroy

What we're about

Welcome to Bay Area Parents & Kids Social Club! We are a fun filled group of parents that like to have adventures with our kids whenever opportunity arises!

We are a community led group meaning that anyone is welcome to post an event if they desire. You will see all types of exciting events such as Play-dates, picnics, movie-nights, game-nights, amusement park visits, camping trips, scavenger hunts, geocaching, and anything in between! If you are looking to make friends with other parents please join us and sign up for your first event!

If you wish to post events on a regular basis, please contact us and we will make you an official organizer.


1. We are kid friendly! Ages 0 to 18.

2. Keep it clean and respectful! (No foul language please!)

3. Be committed to your RSVP!

4. Open to Single parents, grandparents, and couples. You just need to have a kid with you (doesn't even have to be yours! Borrow someone else's... okay, just kidding, make sure you have permission!)

5. We will host mostly free events but we will have some paid events (e.g. Camping trips) from time to time.

6. We are open to having others organize events they find interesting.

Who Are We: Evelyn and Robert, we have two girls ages 8 and 10 and we are always trying to find fun activities to do with them. We enjoy the outdoors including, hiking, camping, backpacking and everything inbetween. We want our girls to have an active lifestyle and learn to socialize well with others.

History: This group was started by Jennifer who ended up moving out of state so we offered to take it over (Thanks Jennifer!).

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