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Is your child intense, high-energy, persistent or strong-willed, easily frustrated, easily overstimulated, and pretty darned smart? Parenting a spirited child can feel overwhelming. But isn’t it awesome when you see their spark of genius? And isn’t it an honor to guide them to share their particular genius with a world in desperate need of true leadership and inspired ideas?

Many people use the term “spirited child” as a politically-correct synonym for “challenging child,” “defiant” or “non-compliant child,” or “high-needs child.” But spirited, intense, strong-willed children are in fact a precious gift to humanity. The world desperately needs more people who are passionate about what they think and feel and who have the energy and drive to overcome obstacles that other people see as insurmountable. And our spirited children are these people, if we channel their intense energy toward empathy and productive, creative effort.

Let’s do this together! Come to this group and meet other parents who want to embrace the role they play as family leaders in preparing their special children for the world-healing work they are capable of! Unlike many social contexts in which you may feel awkward or judged mainly because your child’s behavior is so much more intense than that of the other children involved, this meetup offers opportunities for parents of spirited kids to come together as a group whose children have much more in common! Join us as we encourage each other and support each other in helping our spirited children to use their energy to do real good in their families and their world. This is a meaningful and challenging journey, and our social events, group brainstorming sessions, spirited-kids playgroups, and educational workshops and study groups are guaranteed to make this journey more rewarding for you and your children.

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Natural Solutions For Childhood ADHD & ADD

Cambiati Wellness Center

Let's Play Obstacle Course!

Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area

Cooperative Games for Spirited Kids Aged 3-10

Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area

Cooperative Games for Kids Age 3-10

Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area

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