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How are you doing on your real estate investing dream? For Investors who are still looking for a way to take your real estate investing to the next level, here are the three pieces that we use to get clear and take action. It's a new kind of association or REIA. We'd like to share these with you because we know that WE ARE UNBEATABLE TOGETHER An investing strategy that can make the difference or A source of funding that can make the difference or A way to get yourself to take consistent action If you’re pretty sure it's not going the way you want it to, then you’re in the right place because when it comes to your dream, nothing is more important than figuring out what’s missing and changing it. Almost every real estate investor, including myself, has big dreams, big goals. That’s what I love about this business. Yet, as motivated and self-directed entrepreneurs who are willing to invest and do whatever it takes, an astonishingly small number of us actually break into the ranks of true, professional investing. I’ve done it myself and my mission is to make that, and much, much more, happen for you as well. I can’t believe how much great information and strategies on real estate investing are now readily available everywhere, in live events, books, audios and online. It’s crazy how good the information is and how accessible, in fact, we are drowning in information and content, So, obviously, If it was about great information and content, you probably wouldn’t even be here. You’d be out doing deals or on the beach somewhere. We’re both here for one reason. As investors who want more, the one thing we all have in common is that we’re not at the level we want to be at yet. We believe that closing the gap for you and me and our fellow members requires a trusted network and community. That’s why we’re here. To bridge the gap between having great information and strategies and turning that into the action, profits and life we all want. This is our Launch event showcasing a new format and way of getting you great information and strategies on real estate investing, PLUS access to the information, strategies and how-tos on using and becoming an expert at Private lending. The missing piece is what a Tony Robbins or perhaps some other great coach you once had in your life would call emotional mastery or grit That’s the piece that gets you to go beyond getting the information, beyond taking a little action. The piece that gets you to consistently use it, master it and profit from it. This is not a pitchfest. There will be no hidden agendas or surprise pitches. Instead, this month’s meeting is all about breaking through what’s stopping you from mastering your Real Estate Investing. Come learn and experience the Four keys of mastery in any arena and to becoming a successful real estate investor and more starts here. We have the keys to Peak Performance of Master Investors and we want to share them with you: THE SKILLS - We not only connect you to skills, tools, and strategies that will help you succeed but also to the experts to show you how to implement those skills, tools, and strategies. THE TOOLS - As a part of a national network including National REIA and REIFA (Real Estate Investors Funding Association) we will connect you to the tools, resources and benefits available as a result of 40,000+ investor members collaborating and working together. YOUR EMOTIONS - Your results are a reflection of your actions, your actions are a result of your emotions, your emotions and how you take control and direct them is the key. You get access to the 90 days Breakthrough Invest-In-You program from one of the few coaches ever to earn the title of Master Coach from Tony Robbins, Scott Whaley The Power of a Trusted SUPPORT TEAM and COMMUNITY - As a member, you become part of a nationwide network of over 40,000 + investors that include both local and national experts and trainers. You get connected to our own virtual, Google supported, proprietary community, REIFANET, to provide you with the tools, events, and support network that every investor needs in order to succeed in a hyper connected, fast changing investing world we live in. Scott Whaley, past president of National REIA, Real Estate Investor, lender and broker and Founder of REIFA and one of less than a handful of people who Tony Robbins personally trained and hired as a coach and promoted to Master coach while working for Robbins Research. Scott is offering his expertise on the spot at our next meeting. If you aren’t getting the results you want in your real estate investing come to the meeting and let Scott help you create it. At this meeting you will see and experience for yourself a breakthrough. The psychology and emotional mastery that Tony Robbins uses will be performed and demonstrated for you by an expert in this arena called Peak Performance. BONUS PROGRAM (advance registration required) For those extra success hungry individuals who can’t wait and want to Breakthrough to the next investing level there is a special promotional accelerated program being offered but it is only available for advance registrants who read this and want to start right away. Warning, first time guests attend for free. The registration for this program is $1.00 per mo for three months! This is a special promotional one-time offer being offered to attendees but only in advance and only to the first 12 people to register. To find out more and before the meeting happens go and look over the programs’ details by CLICKING HERE (

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