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Retire In Style with Prop. 60/90 and Reverse Mortgage Moving to New Homes
Topics: Understanding how Prop. 60/90 can help save on your property taxes when moving to a suitable home in some Counties in California. Reverse Mortgage as a Purchase. Selling your big home and downsize to a newer more suitable home. Enjoy more cash flow and explore your passion to travel and live a better lifestyle. How to Sell Your Home for the Maximum Profit in Today's Market.

Fremont Chamber of Commerce

39488 Stevenson Place # 100 · Fremont, CA

What we're about

It is becoming increasingly clear that many in our community are not clear about US based and overseas options to create a viable retirement lifestyle that works for them as they grow older and wish to leave their careers.

This community meetup group is dedicated to changing that positively and to give people who are thinking of retirement in the far or near future more hope about living with style and with integrity.

Who should join:
Professionals and Business owners who are looking to retire and either have not looked at enough options or have not educated themselves sufficiently to make a clear plan.

Why should you join:
You will learn about opportunities in Real Estate from an experienced real estate community of educators - opportunities both within the US and outside the US. The community brainstorming will aid in making clearer decisions for yourself.

What we are committed to:
Building a community of professionals and business owners who want to realistically explore retirement living and investing - We are committed to creating a brainstorming community of support for people who wish to retire in style - and they do not immediately see how they can do that.

What we do for the community specifically:
1. Brainstorming and networking for the community to help address specific circumstances.
2. Offering free education for different kinds of investing in real estate - the pros and cons, the blindspots and the true opportunities. See you soon in our community,

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