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What we’re about

Bay Area Sewists is a sewing community with members from all over the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond — now that we have been meeting virtually. We are mostly focused on garment sewing. (See the FAQs below for more info.)
Members share inspiration and techniques, and see what each other is making at our Show & Tell meetups. Our virtual meetups often have guest speakers to talk about fabric, sewing patterns and tools, and techniques. Past guest speakers have included Britex Fabrics, Hello Stitch, Needles Studio, The Sewing Room, Stitch Buzz, and Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics. 
We began meeting virtually in May 2020 and then had our first in-person meetup in June 2022. We will likely be having a mix of virtual and in-person meetups going forward. 
Member benefits include:
• 20% off at Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics on some of our meetup days 
• 10% off at Piedmont Fabrics (must show your active membership via the app or website)
• 20% off store products and 10% off classes at The Sewing Room in Alameda
You can also follow Bay Area Sewists on Facebook and Instagram (@bayareasewists) for meeting updates and news. Bay Area Sewists members can also join the private Facebook group
Happy Sewing!
Chuleenan, Bay Area Sewists Organizer

Can anyone join Bay Area Sewists?
Sure! If you have an interest in sewing - whether you are just learning to sew or you are an expert costumer - you are welcome to join the group. Our members range from people who have been sewing for less than a year to people who teach sewing professionally. 
Do I need to live in the Bay Area to join?
No, all are welcome. In-person meetups are mainly for people in the Bay Area because those events will be taking place there. BUT during the pandemic, we are meeting virtually so anyone can participate. You just need to be a member of the group. 
Can I submit an idea for a meetup?
Yes! We welcome suggestions for activities and venues! Just message Chuleenan, the organizer, via the Meetup page.
You used to charge dues. Will you charge dues again?
It is free to be a member of Bay Area Sewists. Dues had been charged in the past to cover the fees Meetup charges to use this platform. Members are welcome to contribute via Chuleenan's PayPal (@chuleenan) or Venmo (@chuleenan-svetvilas) accounts. Once we start meeting in person, a fee may be charged for a specific meetup to cover the cost of a venue.
Is this a group for quilters?
We are focused on garment sewing but some quilters are also members of this group. If you are looking for a group focused on quilting, you may want to check out other meetups.
When did the Bay Area Sewists get started?
The group was founded by Meghan Hunt of Made by Meg in 2012 who was the organizer until the end of 2013. In January 2014, Chuleenan Svetvilas of C Sews became the group's organizer and has organized more than 80 meeutups since then.

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