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PLEASE READ: This Meetup group is part of a large network of Meetup groups devoted to Best Practices with Marketing Strategies.

These Meetups are organized by;
• Sunil Bhaskaran (http://www.CahayaMind.com) <= click to know more.

We have more than 80,000++ members total in all our meetup groups and are growing by over 800+ new members per month globally.

This Marketing Meetup serves all cities within the Bay Area of Northern California.

We meet regularly in person and usually invite ALL our groups to attend. There are ALWAYS more people at the Meetup than you will see in the RSVP. And if you belong to more than one of the Meetups we organize, you will get more than one announcement of the same Meetup.

We look forward to answering questions for you about your strategies in any of the following:

• inbound marketing • outbound marketing• social media marketing• search engine marketing• email marketing • marketing strategy • sales pitch and conversations • leadership • team building • time management • and much more!

See you at our next Meetup!

Sunil Bhaskaran


Warm Greetings!
I want to welcome all tech and startup entrepreneurs to this group.
The mission of this group is to provide networking and training opportunities for start up and tech entrepreneurs.
Training includes but is not limited to the following
a. Founder and Co Founder conflict resolution or agreement / accountability
b. Team building with accountability and communications
c. Marketing strategy

You will benefit from the following:
a. Training based on 24 years of business experience including mentoring and running businesses
b. A large membership in all my combined meetups and databases - more than 12,000 in all
c. Well structured events tailored with the intention of having you get good connections and great practical education

Be sure to join by clicking on the JOIN button on this page
RSVP asap for our next events (if there is no event yet, I will be posting new events soon - you will be notified via email if you join the group).

Kindest regards,

Sunil Bhaskaran Founder of the Global Business Mastermind

P.S. Feel free to join our sister meetup groups in the Bay Area: http://www.meetup.com/find/?userFreeform%5B%5D=San+Jose%2... (http://www.meetup.com/find/?userFreeform%5B%5D=San+Jose%2C+California%2C+USA&userFreeform%5B%5D=San+Jose%2C+California%2C+USA&radius=100&radiusSet=true&show%5B%5D=results&show%5B%5D=results&sort%5B%5D=default&sort%5B%5D=default&keywords=sunil&mcId=c95101&lat=&lon=&gcResults=&op=search&events)=

Cities served: All Bay Area cities: San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, Campbell, Almaden, Saratoga, South San Jose, Cupertino, North San Jose, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Redwood City, San Carlos, Belmont, Stanford, Los Altos, Woodside, San Mateo, San Jose, Burlingame, Foster City, Redwood Shores, Fremont, Oakland, Concord, Union City, Hayward, San Leandro, Alameda, Emeryville, Berkeley, Ashland, Castro Valley, Redwood Heights, Piedmont, Fruitvale, Rockridge, Claremont, Albany, Santa Cruz, Monterey.

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Expand Your Audience: Quality, Quantity, & On Target

Online event

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A ZOOM WEBINAR! REGISTER IN ADVANCE FOR THIS WEBINAR: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYldO2sqz0qE92XmPHFFD8ZxcmDu9StR68B AFTER YOU REGISTER, YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL WITH THE ZOOM LINK TO ENTER THE MEETING! This webinar is an opportunity to create traction in getting the clients who will love you and what you provide; it is an opportunity to design and own how you can position yourself powerfully and effectively in your market. What you will gain from this training led by Sandra Hughes and Sunil Bhaskaran: 1) Secrets to expanding your audience and elevating yourself above the competition 2) Opportunities in this new economy to expand your reach and attract more, quality leads 3) How to make this sustainable for the long term 4) Easy actions to take now Learn these concrete steps and actions to independently realize your dreams of being a business leader and visionary in your community whilst equipping yourself with the tools that other experienced business people have learned the hard way. PLEASE NOTE THAT BY SIGNING UP FOR THIS EVENT YOU ARE AGREEING THAT YOUR EMAIL GO ON OUR EMAIL LISTS. DON’T FORGET TO REGISTER: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYldO2sqz0qE92XmPHFFD8ZxcmDu9StR68B Look forward to seeing you soon! Sandra Hughes and Sunil Bhaskaran, Organizers

HackAVertical Demo Day ($25K-$250K for 0%-5% equity) - Free Open Online

REGISTRATION is required. RSVP is not REGISTRATION. It's a FREE event. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdJXQNW_hhvX52j_XqEhZCzEdeFqMzWHGYAU3mBVWAvrbAP6A/viewform (<= REGISTER EARLY) HackAVertical Demo Day ($25K-$250K for 0%-5% equity) - Free Open Online 10+ startups pitch to investors on an open public platform. The event is organized by: - California Software Professionals Association (CSPA) - Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (ICC) - Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association (SIPA) - American Association For Precision Medicine (AAPM) - Bay Angels investment group - TechCode startup incubator - Silicon Valley Cloud & AI (SVCA) HackAVertical is an ongoing monthly hackathon in which participants team up with each other and participate to build innovative solutions to solve problems around the trending verticals. Participants are free to pitch products in any vertical of their choice or pick one from below. Vertical: Preventing Forgery & Counterfeiting of Certificates and Licenses. Niche problems of focus: 1. Alternative Identifier to the Social Security Number. 2. Food Supply Chain Safety and Visibility. 3. Supply Chain Traceability of Natural Gas Imports. 4. Supply Chain Traceability of Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce Shipments. 5. Privacy Respecting Essential Work and/or Task License. Top ranked participants secure a chance to receive a grant funding or seed funding between $25K and $250K in return for 1%-5% equity to investors. DISCLAIMER: Event organizers are not involved in deal-making, so they are not making any promises. Entrepreneurs/Innovators: - Are you struggling to find your next passion? - Are you looking for seed funding in above verticals? - Are you looking for awards by Government Organization in above verticals? - Are you looking for customers offering contracts in above verticals? - Are you building your team and looking for talent in above verticals? Investors: - Are you looking for opportunities to invest in early-stage startups? - Are you looking for early-stage startups solving problems in above verticals? - Are you looking for innovators building product/platform in above verticals? - Are you looking for founders exploring models/markets in above verticals? If you do, please REGISTER above to join us. INVESTORS JUDGING 1. Anant Sood | Co-founder | https://www.worxogo.com 2. Matthew J. Basirico | Advisor | X-Banker | 3. Matthew Lewis | Advisory Board Member | https://enter.capital 4. Prakash Goswami | Managing Partner | https://marlaccelerator.com 5. Roger King | Angel Investor | http://bayangels.com [More TBA] SPEAKING IN PANEL 1. Ali Raza | Founder & CEO | https://throughput.world 2. Vadim Peskov | Co-founder & CEO | https://diffco.us [More TBA] INNOVATORS PITCHING 1. Ankit Jain | Co-founder & CEO | https://www.pathloom.com 2. Kamal Mewada | CTO | http://gpsgaadi.com 3. Raja Appachi | Founder & CEO | https://www.dowhistle.com [More TBA] AGENDA 5:00 PM Welcome 5:15 PM Introduction of judges and speakers (2 min each) 5:30 PM Panel on the above vertical followed by Pitches 7:00 PM Closing

[WEBINAR] Essential Marketing Strategies to Growing Your Tech Startup

This is an online webinar. Please click here to register OR use this link to get on the link when we are about to start https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/5415929686206/WN_HTZU_lDIT82PbXrdkjUIDw The key to effective and results-driven marketing strategy is the perfect integration of relevance, timeliness, and value. In this webinar you gain the following: - Relevance: How to choose the most impactful channel for your business - Time: The must do things to put you on the map, before it is too late - Value: What does digital marketing actually mean and how can you take advantage at an early stage Please RSVP asap to reserve your spot! Click on this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/5415929686206/WN_HTZU_lDIT82PbXrdkjUIDw See you soon! Sneha Lundia, Organizer

(ONLINE EVENT) Houston, LA, Bay Area & Portland: Summer Biz Networking Mixer

NOTE: This is an online event, you will need to register here to get access zoom link! https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEkc-6tqTwuHtY29qg8iw7I9Nl7afpZ8LT4 In support of all of you during uncertain times: • Want to stay active in business? • Want to reach people in Houston, Bay Area, Los Angeles, & Portland who may have connections for business in your city? • Want to reach out to other people like you who are strategic enough to stay connected? • Want to meet others who want to collaborate, network, learn and grow? In this epic online event, you will get the opportunity to expand your reach and get ahead of your competition in thinking, operating and networking outside ‘the box' of your own locality. We promote this event to more than 10,000 people in Houston, and more than 30,000 people in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Portland. Agenda depends on the number of attendees. We believe that both smaller and large groups of attendances are equally good for networking. Smaller groups offer the opportunity to connect deeply. Larger events offer more opportunities to choose from. We cater our agenda to both possibilities. Five consortium leaders of business networkers: • Julie Parker who leads Houston, TX • Sandra Hughes & Sunil Bhaskaran who lead the Bay Area of CA • Luci Gabel who leads Los Angeles, CA • Jen McFarland who leads Portland, OR 5 people who bring a combined 6 decades of business experience and organizational ability. We are committed to doing these events and expanding our reach to other cities as we grow on a weekly basis. Please join us now in this event to experience the opportunities and the good feeling that comes from doing what is right and expansive for ourselves, for our business and lives. We look forward to seeing you at this ONLINE event, ~Julie, Sandra, Sunil, Luci and Jen, Organizers P.S. We encourage you to join from a laptop or desktop device with a working camera vs a tablet or cell phone for a better networking experience. ** We will NEVER spam you or sell your address! We will only use your email to keep you informed of our newest events, resources, and tools to grow your businesses.

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