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If you have struggled for most (or all) of your life, with excess weight, AND you’ve turned to bariatric/weight loss surgery (especially those who have had the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, but also those who elected gastric bypass) to rid yourself of that excess weight, then this is the meetup group for you!

This is a group for anyone – male or female, 18 or older – that has had weight loss/bariatric surgery. And if you’re considering weight loss surgery, you’re also more than welcome to join this unique meetup support group (we know you probably have questions – and who better to ask than actual people that have undergone the procedure).

Given our collective bariatric experiences, I’m guessing that we’ll have a lot of wisdom we can share with one another on what works well, along with what doesn’t work so well. We can be of genuine support to one another, offering words of encouragement based on our personal experience, strength and hope.

This group is expressly for people seeking to give and get support from one another on this lifelong journey to better health and greater happiness.

We will meet to:
• Support one another: share in the safety of our group about our feelings and the ways in which we’ve learned to cope with and/or manage our food cravings
• Exercise together (take walks, go on hikes, ride bikes, exchange ideas for ways to “get and keep moving”, etc.)
• Exchange bari-friendly recipes, tips and tricks
• Exchange helpful ideas and information (i.e. such as where to shop for affordable, bari-friendly food, your favorite supplements, affordable clothing while you’re quickly shrinking, etc.)
• Have meals at local bari-friendly restaurants
• Whatever else the group may like to consider

Let's make this a healthy, fun and supportive group!

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