What we're about

This group aims to avert the climate crisis and promote sustainability through conversation. The group will meet and discuss members' everyday worries and constraints that they face. Through these conversations we will gain new insight into unanswered questions and actions members can take.

Join if you want to figure out individual actions you can take on climate change and sustainability.

Join if you want to share insights that you've gained about sustainable living and climate action.

Join if you have difficult questions that you want to discuss with others who share values around averting the climate crisis and promoting sustainability.

This is a conversation focused group. Each session will be split between time for sharing top-of-mind items and for focused group discussion on a topic.

Topics will be decided by the group as it develops. Examples could be: What do you think of this proposed legislation?, What is the Green New Deal?, How do I talk to friends about climate change?, How can I shop online with low environmental impact?, Where can I find affordable sustainable products?, How do I eat less meat when I love meat?, Is it right or wrong to have children?, What is the intersection between housing and climate?, What can I do if I hate politics?, How can I support clean energy if I don't control my utilities providers?, How can I afford sustainable living?

The group primarily meets virtually to minimize the time commitment and reduce transportation costs on individuals and the environment.

We will discuss ideas and gain deeper understanding. Focus on both/and mindsets instead of either/or. The goal is not to agree or disagree in whole. What is said stays in the room, unless you have explicit permission to share another's story, what is learned leaves the room. We will respect the privacy of those involved. We are here to take away lessons and future actions and practices.

Conversations will be moderated and guidelines used for maintaining respectful conversation. Some topics may be highly sensitive for people, and the organizer will strive to maintain a set of ground rules. There may be differences of opinions, however, correcting actions that negatively impact others will always be prioritized. The group will value all people and their gender identities, disabilities, sexual orientations, classes, and racial identities. No one is expected to speak for their race or gender or other group. To join, you must be able to acknowledge and be open to admitting your biases. We have all been systematically taught misinformation.

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A year at glance

Online event

It's the beginning of a new year. Let's look back and discuss about how we feel about this past year. Has the climate and environmental crisis influenced our actions and thoughts at all? Just bring your experiences to share!

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