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Welcome to The Bay Area’s Number One Wellness Meetup Group!!

ALL are welcome here!...We're here to encourage you ...to support those who haven't even ventured down the road of 'plant-based' ...maybe you're curious about all the 'veggie-talk' buzzwords out there (such as, plant-based) ...or want to find out what's the difference between whole-food-plant-based, vegan, vegan-ish and vegetarian lifestyles. ...or it could be a countless number of other questions ...our group is about the questions, the answers, sharing information and supporting each other in a positive way.

Are you totally new to the forks over knives, plant-based/vegan/vegan-ish/vegetarian world? Or perhaps you've already chosen one of these lifestyles, or are maybe a non-vegetarian and curious about a plant-forward life-style or wanting to eat that way on occasion. You might be seeking information, support, and activities to help maintain, explore and/or transition to a carnivore-free lifestyle (even if it's only part-time ...to start)?

Or maybe you're wanting to seek out information about possibly incorporating an SOS-free lifestyle too (no salt, oil or sugar).

Maybe you're looking to find a cure for an ailment or are just a life-long learner, thirsty for ongoing education to maintain excellent health?

Looking for meditation & wellness classes & tips, retreats, farmers markets, urban hikes, films & festivals, webinars, online classes, blogs, recipes or healthy seasoning ideas, group fitness activities, café get-together's and dining events? And, you've been wanting to find a group that posts some awesome tips to help each other out.

YOU FOUND IT HERE!! The Bay Area’s Number One Wellness Meetup group in providing events and health & wellness information to benefit YOU! Information and events to help yourself or to help someone else...

** Hosted and some unhosted events will be posted.

** When attending events, all are asked to please respect and abide by the organizer and/or host’s instructions, i.e., some events may require cash only, as not all venues will issue separate checks or will only allow 3-4 checks, so we’d have to bundle several attendees on each check, etc. Bottom line, be flexible. :)

** And, please help to build our community! Tell others about the fantastic information they can obtain here and ask them to join our group! BAY AREA WELLNESS - Plant-Based, Vegan & Vegetarian Group


Become an Event Organizers to help out in supporting this healthy lifestyle and getting our important message out to others. Please join us in making a difference! TAKE A MOMENT NOW and Drop me an email with request to add you as an EVENT ORGANIZER. I would be thrilled to have you on the leadership team and can provide guidance on how to schedule and host events!


Please hold off on RSVP until ya know you’re definitely going to attend (especially when there's a limit to number of attendees or reservations are involved). For the No-shows, including late cancels (less than 24-hrs before event), you may be removed from the group, especially where reservations are involved. The no-shows will also be flagged as a no-show (3 of these for any events and you'll probably be removed from the group)... I don’t want to see you go (really, I don’t), but it does take time to organize, schedule and host events. People on wait-list also get upset and venues expect full party to show-up too.

Healthy lifestyle activities have no room for drama ...events need to remain drama free or member will be removed from group.

RSVP policy subject to change.


Meetup charges Organizer ($98.94/6 mos) to keep the group live. In addition to paying Meetup, supplies are purchased too, i.e., name-tags, markers, table cloths, etc. So, some events may ask for a small, and very much appreciated, donation (fee) to help recover some costs. Thank you in advance for the support!

** P.S. Non-vegans & non-vegetarians are highly encouraged to join this group! (so please get the word out) ...one caveat ...although, we will only be ordering vegan or vegetarian cuisine at restaurants. ;) Psst, we aren't going to argue with others about food choices and there will be a code of conduct expected from all.

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