What we're about

Only the most 👑noble and elite group of YouTube consumers 👑 shall gain entry to the inner sanctum of the Bay Area YouTube Watching Guild™ 😉

Hey folks! This is for all of you 📹YouTube Viewing Nerds 🤓 who spend countless hours streaming YouTube videos from the dark corners of the internet.

We felt that our needs were underserved in a public environment and we wanted to bring our YouTube viewing into the light. 💡

✨Join this open group to broaden your YouTube video-viewing horizons and meet fellow enthusiasts. All videos will be considered. ✨

How it works:

1) Install the YouTube app on your phone. Bring your phone with you :) 📱

2) Add your videos to this shared playlist, in advance or upon arrival: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD_OI7jN3QuqOjSwA6mZg9mRcPnegMsaS&jct=L-tKTiJS_w7qm0vicJpyVyhwzFmkng ⬇️ (sorry for the ugly slug - I have to include the whole thing 🙃)

3) Feel like adding videos once you arrive? Add your videos to the shared playlist above and it will be added in real-time. We will queue up all submitted videos in a semi-random order, and stream your videos for everyone to view. 🎥

Note: videos of 5 minutes or less are preferred with large groups. With smaller groups, we may have time for longer-form video! Add whichever videos you prefer, and we'll see what there is time for.

4) Watch videos submitted by ✨you and other attendees✨, and engage in light banter after each video has been viewed for healthy dialogue, or not! 🎞️

Video Submission Rules:

✨Videos added in advance will be vetted before screening to ensure they are suitable for all grown-up audiences.

✨If you think of a video while attending a Meetup, you can add to queue at any time and will be considered; we anticipate adding all of your videos - if you ever feel uncomfortable with the content, please let your hosts know.

Have questions ahead of time? Send a message through the Meetup site or DM Alicia on Instagram @carnabyxpuddles.

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