What we're about

This group is dedicated to helping young adult sales entrepreneurs & professionals to become more effective in the process of selling and sales leadership.
Having a mentor who can help you sell and position yourself effectively in conversations and the sales process is invaluable and often is what is needed to move forward with integrity and confidence.
Too many trainings are focused on transactions and techniques but not on what it takes to build a strong, resilient and effective salesperson - from the inside out - one that consistently performs with grounded authenticity and confidence at a high level.

How do you gain that grounded confidence in your sales?

What you will gain in this group:
1. Mentoring, education, coaching and support to help you move through the challenges of being a sales professional as a young adult.
2. Skills and tips to engage prospects, build trust and sell effectively to older people while staying true to yourself and understanding what they really need.
3. Peace of mind and confidence.
4. Distinctions to help build yourself as a genuine leader - one with savvy and compassion- the ability to listen and make results happen.

We hold the following types of events:
1. Training and educational events designed to support you.
2. Networking events to help you meet other people in your community and gain even further support and camaraderie.
3. And much more.

Please join our group asap.
See you soon!
Mark diTargiani, Organizer

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