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The goals of this club: 1) To make new friends in the healthcare field and add a healthy dose of fun to our sometimes stressful lives 2) To network and learn about various Bay Area hospitals from friends who may actually work there.

Wouldn’t it be great to socialize with fellow young healthcare professionals who have a mutual understanding of the stresses of your job, the dedication it took pursuing your career, and the need to sometimes just forget about it all and have some fun? Also, a great way to learn about a hospital you may someday want to work in is to hear from people who work there. As healthcare professionals just beginning jobs or not quite settled in your ideal job, having a club where we could make friends from hospitals throughout the bay area would serve as an excellent resource.

This group will only be as good as its members, so join in the fun and opportunities that await! Some ideas include happy hours, dinner/lunch/brunch, study groups in cafes, and other activities. We will try to have events throughout the bay area so that our members will be representative of hospitals from all regions.

NOTE: This is a networking group focused on building a camaraderie with fellow Healthcare Providers who provide DIRECT PATIENT CARE (Pharmacists, Therapists, Nurses, Physicians, PA's, Technicians, or students of these fields). This is not a group for healthcare technology/administration/finance. When you join, please answer the questionaire indicating "Nurse" "Physician" "Physical Therapist" "Nursing Student" etc... to be a member of the group. If you do not fit into one of these categories that involves direct patient care, you will be removed.

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