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when Game of Thrones meets Network Vis...

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Micah S. and Ian J.

Details win and you win

@kristw ( will share a behind-the-scenes view of his latest data visualization project, which shows how each #GameOfThrones ( episode was discussed on Twitter. Using data visualization, we can extract and reveal the stories of every episode from fans’ Tweets. (

You may not be sure how Lord Varys ( collects information from his little birds (, but in this talk you will hear how we can collect information from our little birds. Topics include, but are not limited to:

network visualization


force-directed layouts

data cleaning

Game of Thrones

some React

some Vega

some more cleaning

p.s. never seen the show? that's ok. come enjoy the #d3js all the same 😃


@kristw ( is a data visualization scientist @twitter ( and prolific contributor to the d3 ecosystem of examples & tools. a small selection of his projects include:

Whose Grid Map is better? Quality Metrics for Grid Map Layouts (

Create your own Grid Map, a semi-automatic way (

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