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Dover D&D Level I v.5 Campaign
Cost: $80/month for an individual players or $60/month for each player in a group, covering four one-hour sessions per month. One free trial session. This is the second D&D Campaign I am setting up here as a Meetup. It is being held at a private residence in Dover, and anyone who wants to come can message me privately to receive the address. The Campaign is with V.5 and is the DM's creation. The characters currently in play are all Level I: a Minotaur, a Satyr, a Tiefling, and a WOLF! Their adventure takes place aboard a Pirate Ship - aaaaarrrrrrgh, matey! Their goal , with the inadvertent help of the pirates who have taken them captive, is to infiltrate a castle, locate a prisoner within, and seek a fabulous treasure of immeasurable wealth. Once the treasure is found, a discovery within leads to the third Campaign. The adventurers must be on guard, because either Ship or Castle could turn out to lead into a nefarious trap. All is not as it seems.... Bring a completed v.5 Character Sheet if you have one. Character creation help is also offered, and we can spend time discussing and even designing future Campaigns.

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