Dover GURPS Campaign

Bay State Chess Kings and RPG Meetup
Bay State Chess Kings and RPG Meetup
Public group

Needs a location


Cost: $80/month for an individual players or $60/month for each player in a group, covering four one-hour sessions per month. One free trial session.

This is the first GURPS Campaign I am setting up here as a Meetup. It is being held at a private residence in Dover, and anyone who wants to come can message me privately to receive the address.

The Campaign is with the Basic GURPS Series and is the GM's creation. The characters currently in play are a magic-user assassin and a physically deformed human accompanied by a cherry blossom pink cow who can speak and read Japanese. (Yes, I know... ;-) ) The three of them live on Earth sixty years in the future, a dystopia ruled by a tyrannic worldwide dictatorship with HQ in Moscow near the Kremlin, along the North-Korea-China border, along the Ireland-Northern Ireland border, and along the US-Mexico border. This dictatorship came into worldwide dominion fifty years in the past when a series of explosions smashed to pieces numerous electronic devices. (An explosion in a TV caused the physical deformity of the main character.) These explosions destroyed the constitutional government computer networks and enabled a coup to topple the constitutional governments and establish the single dictatorship.

Now a subversive counter-government organization is getting a counter-coup in place to restore the constitutional governments. But to succeed, there is an object they need from the Asian HQ. The HQ in Asia is underground, and located inside it are secret plans to a computer program that, when inserted into the correct mainframe computer, will disable the internet network holding together the dictatorship member governments. Once their network goes down, the dictatorship will be left vulnerable to the counter-coup.

The adventurers must be on guard, because out of the contacts they meet, many cannot be trusted, being either double agents or secret observers of the dictatorship.

Bring a completed GURPS Character Sheet if you have one. Character creation help is also offered, and we can spend time discussing and even designing future Campaigns.

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