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This is a group that likes to be outside. Experienced hikers recommended. These hikes will be considered strenuous to most so you want to be in good shape and able to move at a quick pace, even up hills and stairs, which these hikes will have. I do request that you be able to keep up with the group.
I started this meetup to meet other people who love to be outdoors, who are active and enjoy the beautiful area we live in. This group allows others to join me in my love of exploration. Hikes can be in Marin County, Oakland Redwood Regional Park, Marin, Tahoe, Yosemite or anywhere in San Francisco. Please know I will not organize transportation, just the hikes. We'll get great exercise, see beautiful sights and even learn a little about the area. Remember stairs and hills are my favorite! You will get serious exercise on my hikes!

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Staircases and Hills! Trestle Glen and Piedmont neighborhood

For those of you who love stairs and hills (me!) let's do a hike in this great neighborhood. We'll start at Piedmont Park by the fountain. From there we will head over to the Blair Street stairs all the way up to Scenic Ave. We will check out the view from up there then wander down and around the streets around Park Way. Eventually making our way over to Sea View down into Trestle Glenn then back up through Piedmont Park. You’ll get a chance to see lots of big houses and amazing views. Lots of hills and hidden stairs to get a great workout in. Total hike about 7-8 miles. We will do this hike in light rain but not heavy. Please be able to keep up with the group as we will move at a fairly quick pace with many turns and hidden paths if you fall behind you’ll likely lose us.

SF evening hike. Fast hike!

101 California St

Let’s do a fast hike through the city. We’ll meet on the corner of California and Davis. (S.E. corner) only a block away from the BART station. this will be a fast hike so that means no stopping and waiting for people to catch up, we’re going to hustle! The point of this is to get a nice workout in. We’ll walk through the Embarcadero center over to Levi’s Plaza up the Filbert Street steps and down and up to Russian hill where will do a series of hills and stairs. eventually heading back down Vallejo Street all the way back to our starting point. We’ll do about 6 1/2 miles so shooting for a little over 3 miles an hour. we could go faster if we don’t have to wait for a lot of traffic lights. Since this is a quick one, no bathroom break, so please be sure to go before you start. we’ll be finishing near the Hyatt and there are restrooms in there to use before and after but don’t cut it too close in the beginning, we’ll be leaving promptly at 6:15 so we don’t walk too much in the dark. Bring plenty of water as hopefully this hike will make you sweat!

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Mt Tam hike

Pantoll Campground

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