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New Intro Class! How to Lead with Your Feminine Power for Ultimate Love & Bliss
“How to Lead with Your Feminine Power for Ultimate Love & Bliss” What if you could literally magnetize greater intimate connection and passion with your current sweetie or soulmate-level love with a new partner…with no effort? Well, you can! 5000 years of a male-dominated power-over paradigm has suppressed women’s greatest source of power to effortlessly magnetize her desires to herself, like a queen. In this revolutionary presentation, learn what this innate feminine wisdom source is and how to reclaim it, no matter your age and regardless of weight, shape, or size (You are goddess-level beautiful!). Elevate your current relationship to new heights of sparkly bliss or attract a new soul-love companion--one who meets you on all levels--into your life. In this interactive experiential presentation, you will learn: * What It Means to Manifest the Feminine Way and the #1 Secret to Unleash That Power * How to Activate Your Innate Feminine “GPS” System to Avoid Heartbreak from Stressful Relationship Drama or Dead End Relationships * 3 Keys to Accelerate Your Manifesting Magic for Loving Bliss with a New or Current Mate Share the love and invite a friend! Save your space today!

Heart Source

1600 Shattuck Ave #125 · Berkeley, CA


What we're about

The Bay Area Tantra Meetup is here for you to:

Learn about and experience the joys and benefits of tantra practice in a safe, sacred, playful, loving environment.
Meet other like-minded souls on a path of spiritual growth and ecstatic self-awareness
Become more whole and self-realized by expanding and integrating the energies of heart * sex * consciousness
Free yourself from the limits that hold you back ~ Recognize your Divine Magnificence!
Discover the secrets to enjoying and sharing expanded and deepened sexuality that is sacred
Show up and be loved for exactly who you are as you are!

It is open to singles and couples of all sexual orientations, beginners and adepts alike!Exp

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