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Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Level 1 Intensive
Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Intensive Level 1 for Singles & Couples August 10 –[masked] Lost Valley Event & Education Center Dexter, Oregon Break Through Your Limitations ~ Discover Your Magnificence! Learn Ipsalu Tantra Methods To: *Transmute sensual energy to rejuvenate the body and stimulate creativity *Prepare to awaken Kundalini safely using Babaji's Cobra Breath *Honor your humanness: Silence the self-critical voice *Deepen your love by generating and containing more personal energy *Transform your "reality" so you can manifest your life's purpose *Blend the energies of Consciousness, Heart and the Body This weekend is for you if you want to: Experience the fulfillment of growing spiritually while expanding your capacity for sensual joy and fulfilling sexuality Unleash your full creative expression, passion, and aliveness Develop your feminine radiance as a woman or your deep presence as a man-- to become more magnetic and charismatic in your business and love relationships In “Learning to Live in Bliss” you will learn: The Cobra Breath, a powerful breath and energy technique that awakens your third eye and transforms sexual energy into vitality, joy, creativity, and spiritual awakening Tantric techniques to unlock the ecstatic potential of expanded love (that can transport you to new dimensions of consciousness) The biggest mistake people make when trying to move beyond their ego, that actually keeps them more separate A quick and effective 5-step method for unforgettable lovemaking and a daily spiritual practice that brings out your highest potential and greatest feelings of bliss Learn how to still your mind, release tensions and judgment within 5 minutes or less so you can be truly present! The proven steps to safely awaken your cosmic consciousness, Kundalini Ipsalu Tantra is a unique approach within the variety of Tantric paths. Faithful to Tantra's ancient original purposes and researched techniques, it is an adapted system to meet the interests of people in the western world at the present evolutionary level. What distinguishes Ipsalu is the focus on realizing your true Self, attention to emotional flow, and the skillfully designed sets of yogic techniques for safely activating your Kundalini (most powerful and creative) energy. “Tantra is much more than glorified sex. Sexual Energy becomes a powerful tool for awakening to your True Self. You can live in bliss by just removing the obstructions. When the mind is still and the body flowing with primal energy, something remarkable happens—an alchemical merging of spirit and matter and you can experience presence of the Divine in all aspects of life.” -- Bodhi Avinasha, founder Ipsalu Tantra For more information and to register please contact Robert: E-mail: [masked] or[masked]

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    The Bay Area Tantra Meetup is here for you to:

    Learn about and experience the joys and benefits of tantra practice in a safe, sacred, playful, loving environment.
    Meet other like-minded souls on a path of spiritual growth and ecstatic self-awareness
    Become more whole and self-realized by expanding and integrating the energies of heart * sex * consciousness
    Free yourself from the limits that hold you back ~ Recognize your Divine Magnificence!
    Discover the secrets to enjoying and sharing expanded and deepened sexuality that is sacred
    Show up and be loved for exactly who you are as you are!

    It is open to singles and couples of all sexual orientations, beginners and adepts alike!Exp

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