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Kimcakes Meets the Lakes, Followed by an Appetite

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Congratulations to Kimcakes! She will be participating in the Leadville 100-mile deathride later this year. Way to show Lousy Lior who wears the pants around the house!

This is Round 4 in a series of prepatory rides for Kim. We will start in Fairfax, go through several of the big lakes in the northern part of Mt. Tam, then connect over to Pine Mountain to finish off with the classic Appetite Seminar route.

If you join this ride, prepare to be out till sunset. There is only one bail point, and that is the road intersection before we begin the Pine Mountain portion of the ride. Bring plenty of food and liquid. There are no refuel points along the way! (For reference, I will be bringing 200 ounces of liquid and thousands of calories of food.)

Terrain: all fireroads
Aerobic Difficulty: advanced (all endurance)
Technical Difficulty: Beginner and Intermediate (some rocky and some steep downhills)
Mileage: IDK, a lot!
Elevation gain: IDK, a lot!