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Once upon a time, there lived a quiet, peaceful Zen Bunny in the forests of Mt. Tam. Zen Bunny enjoyed hopping through the forest, playing with all the animals, and passing out eggs to the children who came to visit.

One day, however, a band of Big Bad Pigs invaded the forest and started terrorizing all of the forest creatures. The Big Bad Pigs ate all of the squirrels' nuts, all of the deer's holly, and all of the birds' berries. When the Pigs ran out of food, they became desperate and started searching high and low for more.

Because Z. Bunny lived so deep in the forest, little did he know what was going on. One morning, while Z. Bunny was out by the lake meditating, the Big Bad Pigs broke into his home and stole his precious Easter Eggs.

When Z. Bunny came home and discovered all of the eggs missing, he started to panic. He checked his security cameras, and sure enough, he saw the Big Bad Pigs poaching his eggs. With Easter fast approaching, Z. Bunny knew there was only one thing to do. He would have to give up his peaceful ways for once, don the red bandana, and hop on his mountain bike. It's Pig hunting season...

This Easter Sunday, see the conclusion to this epic fairytale.

About this ride:
We will be going from downtown Mill Valley to the East Peak of Mt. Tam through a mildly graded fireroad.
Aerobic Difficulty: Beginner/Early Intermediate
Downhill Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance: ~20 miles
Elevaion: ~2,000 feet
This will be a social ride. Expect lots of stops. Beginner and intermediate riders are best suited for this ride. If you are a speed demon or racer, this ride may not be for you.