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We are the organizers that recruited 60 companies and academias to present their machine learning and data science use cases and research at the SVML meetup and grew it from 800 to 7800 registered members. We plan to continue to do so here at "Bay Area Machine Learning" and further our objective of giving the community access and insights to this most interesting subfield of computer science. We want to make this a very open and inclusive effort driven by the community. We welcome anyone who wishes to help organize and recruit speakers. So join us, either as a member or a co-organizer.

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Conversational Commerce: Emerging architectures for smart & useful chatbots

Smart speakers and messaging apps are increasing in popularity due to their convenience, intuitive usage, and new user experiences. Companies are racing to develop voice interfaces and AI technologies in order to utilize smart speakers and messaging platforms as a sales channel. We are introducing Grid Genie, a completely open source, multi-device, conversational commerce platform. With this technology, we can help you engineer a powerful platform to combine your Alexa skills, Google actions, and Facebook Messenger into a single seamless experience. About the Speaker : Victoria Livschitz founded Grid Dynamics in 2006 in order to bring big, new ideas — open source, clouds, and big data — to large enterprises. Under her leadership, Grid Dynamics became a successful, fast-growing engineering IT services company known for transformative, mission-critical cloud solutions for retail, finance and technology sectors. In 2015, Victoria transitioned to the role of Chief Technology Officer. Prior to founding Grid Dynamics, Victoria spent 10 years at Sun Microsystems in a variety of technical leadership positions including Principal Architect of SunGrid, the world's first public cloud; Senior Scientist at Sun Labs; and Chief Architect of Financial and Automotive Services; and Chief Architect of General Motors. Victoria started her career as HPC engineer for Ford Motor Company. Victoria received numerous awards for engineering excellence, including Sun Systems Engineer of the Year and the Ford Chairman’s Award. Victoria graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University and attended graduate programs at Purdue University and Stanford University.

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Deep Dive into Chatbot Training Best Practices

Intel-Santa Clara. SC-12 auditorium.

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