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A Mark Group offers a fun way to meet new people and get closer to people you already know. You can be the center of attention, hang back, or do anything in-between. Playing the three structured games often affords an experience of surprising intimacy, insight, and laughter.

The price for the group is $10 or whatever.

RSVPs do not represent actual attendance, events are listed on multiple calendars.

SUGAR'S TOP 10 REASONS TO GO TO A MARK GROUP (http://www.lafayettemorehouse.com/markgroup.html):

10. A Mark Group is almost always more fun than you think it's going to be.

9. It's cheaper than a movie.

8. It beats sitting at home alone.

7. You might actually learn something about yourself.

6. You'll definitely learn something about someone else.

5. You could meet the person of your dreams.

4. You might get lucky.

3. You can expose yourself without taking off your clothes!

2. It's an easy and fun way to invest in your life.

1. It's fun to hear that you're perfect, whether you believe it or not!

Mark groups were started by Vic Baranco (http://www.lafayettemorehouse.com/vic_baranco.html) in the sixties. Lafayette Morehouse, established in 1968, is one of America's oldest intentional communities. (http://www.lafayettemorehouse.com)

Want to have a Mark Group at your house? Email us and we'll get in touch.

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