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Using The Lean Canvas to Plan for 2019

Sacred Space Coworking

Attend this workshop and you will leave with a basic understanding of how the Lean Canvas can be used to define your startup's business model and your answers to the key questions. Key Elements of the Full Canvas Customers: focus on Early Adopters (Narrow / Sort / Identification Criteria) Problem Solution Unique Value Proposition Existing Alternatives (status quo baseline for value proposition) Unfair Advantage (e.g expertise, technology, relationships, track record, reputation/brand) Background / Articles on Lean Canvas https://leanstack.com/leancanvas https://leanstack.com/business-model-canvas-alternative https://blog.leanstack.com/a-lean-canvas-is-not-enough-to-replace-a-business-plan-36a28888b2fd https://blog.leanstack.com/why-lean-canvas-vs-business-model-canvas-af62c0f250f0 Here are three ways you can fill out a Full Lean Canvas 1. Free App: Use the free version of Leanstack https://leanstack.com/welcome 2. GDoc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OrM6LluI938MwED1aoLYnpbHTuGbhQeNI8bJ7WoCjkQ/edit(under File menu “Make a Copy”) This can also be saved as a Word File. 3. PDF: https://icteuu.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/lean-canvas-poster.pdf For some background on the Lean Canvas see Ash Maurya’s “Why the Lean Canvas vs. Business Model Canvas” https://blog.leanstack.com/why-lean-canvas-vs-business-model-canvas-af62c0f250f0 Speaker: Sean Murphy, CEO of SKMurphy, Inc., offers customer development services for technology entrepreneurs. SKMurphy’s focus is on early customers and early revenue for startups. Sean is an early and active member of the Lean Startup group and has been a workshop presenter and mentor at Lean Startup Conferences.

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