Talk Night


Our talk night will be happening at Silicon Valley Pad (1370 Willow Road, 2nd Floor, Menlo Park, CA). Look for 'Menlo Science & Technology Park' and take the first left once you have turned off of Willow Road.

We'll kick things off at 6:30pm with food and beverages sponsored by Stormpath ( Talks will start at 7pm and should wrap up by 9pm.

Scheduled Talks:

* Peter Snider - Developing with Typescript

* Morgan Conrad - Web scraping with Cheerio

* @orliesaurus (From London!) - TBD


We have an open call for talks - please submit a lightning proposal to the BayNode GitHub (

Everyone is welcome to attend: newcomers to node.js, those interested to hear what the hype is about, and experienced developers looking to trade tricks.